Lineup for defense

Ok my 5 star band heroes has increased and i would like to know what do you think is teh best defensive lineup to hold diamond…
I have onatel/poseidon/neith/justice

Thank you all

King Posey Richy Goatie Grazzy

Alby Grazzy Goatie Isa Posey

King Ona Goatie Posey Grazzy

Just some suggestions…

You think i could hold diamond?

Imo with all of them.

Is goatie worth the ascension?
And in what order should i place em?

Imo yes, especially when you have no better dark options.

The order given in my examples.

Dark and blue tanks are very effective, since holy and nature often are weak colors of the players and holy has no dispel.

Goatie is good against both, cause both holy and nature have many and/or strong minion summoners.

What about alby/richard/onatel/grazul/kingston??

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