Line up questions

This is the team I’m currently running but can’t ascend Drake anymore yet should I run Chao or continue with drake at just level 2?

Also for green I’ll be in the same issue soon who should I run with?

Actually you’re going to run into this issue with every single one of your heroes. Perhaps you should build up a couple 3* (who take only FARMABLE materials) rainbow teams to help with color stacking on titans and raids. You’re in for a long wait, this being one of the issues newer players face when they try to go full-board with 4s and 5s. Happy hunting, mate. :smiley:

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I’d disagree with this statement as I’m not far off already as to fully ascending two of my 3*

4 stars only need farmables to get to 3/60 and are generally better than 3 star max at that level. He has some good ones that will see use even longer in the game (grimm gormek tibs kiril sabina caed etc).

He shouldn’t bother with 3s anymore until all his good 4s are as far as they can go and drake sartana and gregor are all usable at 2/60 compared to 50s.

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Thanks for the info!

There are many ways to play the game when starting out and what @Dante2377 says is perfectly reasonable. If that is indeed the course you want to take, push both Greg and Drake as far as they can go and start, as you said, Chao…and I’d probably pick Caedmon. Best of luck!!

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Thanks for the input!

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i would do the six good 4s before any others - kiril gormek grimm tibertus sabina caed. That gives you defensive debuffers across 3 colors (grimm gormek tibs), 2 dispellers (caed sabina), 2 full team healers, and an attack and defensive buffer (kiril)

That’s a good mix of heroes for both titans and raids.

Then gregor then drake. EDIT. do chao before these two guys.

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