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Ok all, I need some help. I have a member of my alliance that has the following cards. He is having a heck of a time with both titians and raids. It makes no sense to any of us. He has over 3300 in team power and can’t seem to hit for more than 19k damage and averages about 8-12k daily.

What I was hoping is :

  1. Some insight on better combinations of cards and whos specials work best with others (hoping there’s something I overlooked). Line up ideas are welcome PLEASE!
  2. Can someone explain to me the point of the power rating the devs have come up with? It seems that when doing raids it doesn’t matter the power you have or your opponent has. I’ve been telling my members to look at the cards individually as well as positions in the lineup rather than just the team power. You can have a team at 2800 slaughter a team at 3500 and that just isnt right!

The power rating seems to just be a number that means little. Especially if someone has a power level of 3359 with four 5* heros, yet gets stomped in raids and against titans. And this has been happening for MONTHS! We were hoping whatever bugs were there with the game would get straightened out but they haven’t. This specific player has dropped HUNDREDS of dollars into this game and is about ready to throw in the towel and leave for good. Between the lack of ascension items during drops and the inability to understand why such a strong team would do so poorly, he is ready to quit altogether.


Yes, the team power number is really only meaningful before 5*. The 5*s have an inflated “power” number. It’s really only useful as a guideline.

Your alliance member has some nice heroes, but most of them aren’t leveled. of the leveled ones, Boril and Albi aren’t super great raiders or titans (you can time the riposte nicely on offense, but there’s better tactics).

When raiding or titans, make sure to put Mushi and Sartana next to ares so they benefit from his buff. Yes Boril’s riposte gets lost a bit in the corner, but Mus and Sartana will benefit more from Ares than a third character benefits from riposte.

When raiding, you really want to bring two strong attackers vs the tank color. Red is a popular tank color. Once sartana and Musa are at 70, level Grimm, then Gormek, then Sonya, to give him some attackers. The defense debuff from Grimm/Gormek is great in both raiding and vs titans.


Different titans don’t like different colour hero’s so he needs more hero’s of the same colour for instance, red titan needs a blue attack and the more blue tiles he plays the better. My team power is only 2044 but I always hit titans with over 14500. Remember this fire red burns wood Green blue puts out fire and wood soaks up water. Purple and yellow against the opposite. My team against Red includes 1 red hero 2 blues and 1 purple 1 yellow because you can’t guarantee that you will get loads of blue tiles.

Don’t underestimate what help your troops are as well. Once he levels up his hero’s and troops he will have a formidable force but he desperately needs to level up. Thorne is a great hero but not at level 1

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Thanks for the input guys it’s appreciated. I have passed the info on to him and hopefully we will see changes soon. Thanks again.