Line up Help with roster Please

So currently i have My line up set as Isarnia, Azlar, Horghall, Khiona, Joon

i also have evelyn and im not sure if i should replace her with horghall and be my center advice welcomed ty.

I think you should definitely replace Horghall with Evelyn. Your current team consists of 3 slow heroes (2 in the ‘‘centre’’), which gives your opponents too much time to charge up the special attacks of their heroes.

What other heroes do you have in the color blue and red?

If these heroes are the ones you have to use, then I would use this line up:


Using Evelyn, Khiona and Joon in the centre will more likely cause them to fire their special attack atleast once. With a normal board, one of them will most likely fire it twice.

Assuming all 3 of them have their special skills ready to fire;

Khiona as tank will buff your flanks and hit a hero.
Evelyn will fire first, causing damage and maybe kill the hero Khiona has hit, but most importantly dispells buffs from 3 heroes.
Joon will most likely finish the job Khiona and Evelyn started and maybe take out a 2nd hero.

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For blue and red those are my only heroes evelyn will go in my line up and i’ll try this it looks good thank you TomV93

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