Line app with iPad

Looking for any advice on taking my EP account which is set up on my iPad and creating a line account. I keep getting the same results. It’s want a phone number which my iPad has none. Then the app gives me the option to use my existing email for my iPad, but then I get the message that line doesn’t recognize my email???
Only option that I’ve been giving is to start a new EP account with a new email. This is not a option. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m confused. What does Line app have to do with how your EnP account is linked? You should be able to use whatever email you want (as long as it’s yours) to set up the Line account.

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Download app on your mobile phone. Create an account using that phone number. Tag an email to that account.

Go to your iPad. Log in with that email. Line will send an authorisation msg to your phone. You need to approve from your phone. Can scan QR code too.

Now you have 2 synced line accounts. Leave device phone app alone. You will need it to reauthorise your iPad app. That app auto logs off after a few days.

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I do not and as of now have not been successful in creating a line account. I will use the suggestion given by someone else that has responded. Thanks for your inquiry.

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I will try this. Thanks for your advice.

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