Limiting the use of Harpoons unless a tier can be filled

I have a question about using my harpoons. Our use of our harpoons is limited, in my Alliance, by the ability to fulfill a harpoon tier. Once tier 1 is completed we are told to hold off on using them unless we have enough to complete a tier. What is the significance of of this?

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The titan loot drop counter is determined by how many tiers you successfully complete.

If you hit tier 1 but can’t get tier 2 completed in time, in theory you just wasted the harpoons (won’t get additional titan loot). Which is why alliances communicate how many tiers to pursue so no one is wasting resources.


Thank you so much for your response!

I see this a lot. You are not though wasting poons. Poons do damage and have extra benefits if you hit the titan when stunned.

I’m our alliance, we used to shoot for tier 2 but now tier 1. That said, people still hit beyond tier 1 at their choice because it’s a good weapon. If we’re close to tier 2 (which we often are), we decide if we want to push to make sure we hit tier 2.


Thank you @voidstrike for the information!

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