Limiting Revenge Attempts Dispeases Me Greatly


Why limit the number of times you can attempt to revenge. That is silly. I understand why limiting SUCCESSFUL revenges would be implemented, but if I wanna keep losing to the same guy that raided me until I win, who cares? Aside from The Devs, obvi. I don’t Raid, revenge was the way I would make up trophies. And now I can’t. And I really can’t picture anyone else caring enough about it to complain, so… Lame.


I am not sure but I just presumed it is a change to discourage certain kinds of cheating. If you have two account you can just let one of them keep on hitting the other one and lose. Before the update you could do this indefinitely right?


Haha! That’s one dedicated exploit! I never thought about that! :slight_smile:


I completely disagree and I really like the new revenge limit.

Why? Cause I was absolutely pissed off by situations like being chain-Revenged until the end of time generating a negative balance even if I lose one after 5 wins.

I’m full of screenshots like:
You are attacked by XXX: +8
You are attacked by XXX: +7
You are attacked by XXX: +7
You are attacked by XXX: +6
You are attacked by XXX: +6
You are attacked by XXX: +5
You are attacked by XXX: -57
BALANCE: 6 WIN 1 LOSE --> -18 Trophies.

This is a boardgame, and before or after you will have a lucky board with a huge combo, and with a proper combo you can win against everyone.
And this is not strategy, is just a slot machine.

That’s why to me makes full sense to limit revenges, to avoid this ridiculous situations.


Just a clarification: They haven’t focused on the revenges. It is the same limit when attacking someone in general. You now only get 3 tries against same opponent regardsless of it is a revenge raid or not. Not that I have ever needed more than 3 tries of course… hrm.

Personally I agree with @Juzam that this is a change for the better in that it makes it a bit more risky do go attacking strong targets. Also I know it will help some of the more obsessive to let it go and move on to next target… yes I have few specific players in mind. :wink:


I totally agree with @Juzam. This was ridiculous. People would try and try and finally get that luck board and take more cups than they lost.


Yeah, this was a good move on the part of the devs. Everyone gets bad boards, but if it takes you 6 or 7 attempts to beat someone, you shouldn’t be raiding them in the first place.


Well, you could only revenge until you won…so idk what you are talking about. You attack me, and then I could revenge you ONLY until I beat you, so why limit it…? Once you successfully revenged you could not do it again. What you said makes zero sense.


I was not raiding any one. And if it took me six attempts to get some of my trophies back, or none, or all, who cares.


I’m devastated about that.