Limiting 5 star hero use in Alliance Wars

I wonder if adding a rule in alliance wars that only a certain number of teams can use each hero on defense. Like…maybe 10 teams can use a single hero and then once they are set on the board no one else can use that hero for that war (resets with each war). Could add in a stipulation that this only affects 5 star heroes so new players/f2ps can still play normally (to a degree). That way it would force other combinations to happen…cause seeing basically the same team 30 times is…boring. Not saying its bad for defensive purposes but…lets get some variety…force some other synergies to happen maybe. Might make the developers buff other characters (hopefully not nerf anymore) to help compensate.

Curious to see what others think.

Defense has changed quite a bit since 2017

I suspect the current synergy you see reigning now will be replaced in 2021

That’s how they make money

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