Limited defense down

I just ran a test on 11* titan, with my costumed Brienne. I activated her straight away but the defensive down didn’t go further -65% defense. Is this on purpose? I mean, the description says: All enemies get -41% defense, and a further -4% decrease every time they are hit for 4 turns. But there isn’t any limit listed there.

Anyone knows if this is a bug or it’s just how the things are supposed to work?

All defense down and attack downs are capped at - 65%, so that it never goes down abnormally low. :slightly_smiling_face:



Ok, thank you. That makes her costume pretty useless :confused:

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It’s not useless, - 65% is still a lot. One of the oldest HOTMs, Athena, is still widely revered because of this special. Same with Kingston’s attack debuff. Any special which reads as further increase/decrease is capped at 6x applications. :slight_smile:


I guess I’ll her in action on the Avalon event, this week. I’ll try both the attack buff / defense down versions.

Every day we learn something new. :smiley:

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For the record, -65% is the lowest in the game :wink:

None of the normal defence down heroes go that far
Kunchen = -32%
Tiburtus & costume = -34%
Grimm = -34%
Isarnia = -44%
Cheshire cat = -44% (holy only)
Gormek = -34%
Wilbur = -44%
Costume Gunnar = -44%
Buddy = -34%

Costume Brianne = -41%, plus extra up to -65%

So yeah… Not sure on “useless”

Just want to add Santa and costume viv at -44, white rabbit at -34 and mention kunchen is also at -34.

All “further increase/decrease” have a cap
But you can FURTHER decrease defense by comboing with an elemental defense down

To clarify only Athena’s decreasing defense down is capped at 6.

Kingston’s decreasing attack ailment and the berserk buff from Brienne, Namahage, Khiona and B. Knight are capped at 5 both.


Thanks for the correction. :slight_smile:


Just a small correction, Kunchen heals 42%, but his defence debuff is -34%.

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