Limited by compasses, already too many healers - who gets the compasses?

My roster is here:

I’ve got several heroes I could give compasses to and move up, but I’ve only got two compasses. I’m absolutely swimming in gloves, on the other hand…

My current plan in order is

  • Li Xiu
  • Kelile
  • probably Rigard (because he’s so good overall, but I’ve really kind of got too many healers and not enough hitters already)
  • need more compasses first to decide, but priority to Yellow and any green hitters I might get (where are you Caedmon?)

Thanks for taking the time to read and I appreciate any advice you might have!

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Li Xiu can be very useful, she’d definitely be up there near the top of my list.

Kelile is good… and I’d do her out of your reds. Gormek was great for me early on but Wilbur pushed him out for debuffing duties.

You’re right to look at Rigard… Yes you’ve got plenty of healing already, but that cleanse is very valuable indeed.

Obviously you’re going to finish your Sonya next as she’s ascended…
But you really want to look at Triton next!
Heavy sniper power for a 4* and goes very well with your Kiril - fire Kiril first of you want a harder hit, fire Triton first if you need more healing power.

You’ve got some great hero’s waiting and you’ve built a great base :slight_smile:

I have Li Xiu with costume, and use her as a tank, she does decent fully emblemed. After replacing her as a tank she won’t have much use anymore for me.

If you are going to use her in your defense team that is fine. But otherwise I would probably hold out. For a different character.

Rigard is certainly worthy for level up as he will always have a place in a purple stack. Kelile i do not like so much, I would rather level up another scarlet in that case. Triton is decent too. Byrnhild too.

Thanks @BubblesUK for taking the time to look! Triton is definitely next on my blue list, but I have Sonya’s costume and I’ll do that next for the costume bonus before I get to him. I guess I’m also hoping to get some hitter in green or purple (Proteus, Proteus, wherefor art thou, Proteus?) before I get to the point that I need a compass for Triton. And hopefully I’ll have more compasses by then too. :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for your thoughts. I just hope I can run across more compasses soon so I can ascend all the good ones. Definitely holding onto all my Scarletts and will get to them too!

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