Limited Ascension Items which Heroes to level up to Tier 4

Dark heroes: Proteus, Sabina, Tiburtus or Ameonna
Nature heroes: Caedmon, Skittleskull, Little John or Gadeirus
Fire Heroes: Wilbur, Scarlett or Zimkitha (can only get to Tier 3)
Ice Heroes: Valeria
Holy Heroes: Wu Kong, Chao, Li Xiu or Hu Tao

I have 2600 gems, do you recommend event or elemental summons based on my hero roster?

Dont know your current roster so cant really tell you. :sweat_smile:

that is my entire 4* & 5* hero roster. I have them all in Tier 2 or 3.

Wu Kong

Don’t bother with Valeria

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i guess i will do a 10x ice elemental summon pull

I would do an Ice Elemental pull so you can put away Valeria, and then only do pulls during events and Atlantis. Hopefully you’ll pull Kiril for the heal and banner, or Grimm for the best pulverizer. Both are amazing. Sonya would work too.

Dark: I would usually say Proteus first, but you have absolutely no solid healers- so if you don’t pull Kiril from elemental, I would have you do Sabina first. If you do pull a good healer in another color, then Proteus first for sure.

Nature: Caedmon for the dispel, the others aren’t too amazing.

Fire: Wilbur for the link and defense down- great for Titans and events. Zim is nice for the cleanse, but til you’re close to being able to ascend her to 80, I’d wait til you get a few more 4* leveled in red first. If you need her cleanse, level her to 60. 70 after you get at least one more 4* leveled.

Ice: Do an elemental pull, Valeria sucks

Holy: Wu Kong hands down, need him for Titans and events.


awesome! thanks for the great advice.