Limit Roster Display


This is a request to change which heroes are shown in the roster—namely, excluding those we can’t select.

  • Level Up: heroes that are marked as Favorite are simply omitted, instead of being grayed out. I currently have 94 Favorite heroes, and scrolling past all these to get to the training fodder is unnecessarily tedious.
  • War Battle Team: Heroes that have already been used are simply not shown, rather than being grayed out.

I suppose (particularly for war) there might be some interest in seeing the unavailable heroes, so just include a toggle display that reverts to the current display mode.

Make it easier to havigate through your hero roster

I totally agree and to piggy back on that idea I Ulsan love to see five heroes in each row rather than 6 so that if you sort by power, all heroes of the same color would be in the same column, thus allowing you to scan and compare easily.


The toggle idea is great, +10

Especially in the second half I can forget which heroes I have already used and will keep looking for a hero that in unavailable.


Are you saying change the display for sort by element to five columns? The first column dark, then holy, ice, nature, and fire?

It would also be nice if the Devs added a sort by star, with each column being the next lowest. The first column would be your highest hero stars, then the next column one less star. Example: If you have 5* the first column would be 5*, then 4*, 3*, 2*, 1*.


I have two suggestions which are kind of in the same vein…

  1. we have a nice feature of adding a hero to favorites, so that you dont accidentally feed him. that is great, but why then we see him when you select which heroes to feed? go one step further and dont even show favorites when you select feeding heroes!
  2. add one more option for heroes’ selection availability - available for world map teams (provinces, titans and raids) and alliance wars. I know there are team slots, but often I want to select heroes not on any of my teams and it is annoying to scroll through pages looking for him. and there are no saved teams for wars, so it would help tremendously to see only those heroes you would ever consider for wars.



Would be great to avoid the unnecessary scrolling.


I think I understand your idea – let me restate and you can correct me if you had a different idea.

Add another flag, similar to the Favorite flag, perhaps called “Leveled”. The intent is that a Leveled hero is one that is far enough ascended/leveled to be useful in raids, titans, wars, etc. Now add a toggle that hides all heroes except those that are Leveled. This means I would hide all (a) feeder heroes and (b) favorites that I haven’t gotten around to leveling up yet.


Yep, sounds about right. Leveled is a good name - a hero worth considering being put on a war team.