Limit number of runs on monthly event

Sorry guess i misunderetood this statement. Was not trying to put words in your mouth.

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Yes, should have wrote something like “won’t be competing in the near future, because I have too much on my mind at this time”. Sorry, got a bit too heated in the argument :wink: .
I still would like to see some changes, but @Checker’s suggestion of extra waves is interesting, it would make the starting board less important and that’s the part (farming startng board and fleeing) what I don’t like at this point. Any suggestion to get people to play the boards they are given, I like.

Personally I’ve chosen to mute the topic. Just too much “more reward less effort” stuff for me, and too likely to get toxic if i start speaking my mind too much

It’s not the effort people decry, it’s the imbalance in expense associated with said effort.

Why not make one of the events have “special rules” where all of the limitations mentioned above are applied? if the players that are always ranking top are really that good then they won’t mind some fair competition from the FTP and CTP bunch. Top rankers will have a chance to prove it is their game skills that got them there and not just their money, I am pretty sure SG won’t starve that one month in fact it will motivate more people to try and aim for those top spots.

I don’t understand the argument about wanting changes to these events and being free to play. I have spent a very decent amount of money on this game. I just choose not to make the effort on these events. If the playing field was more level I might change my mind.

My opinion is that taking away unlimited runs levels the field to some extent. Sure the boards… blah blah blah, but my 5 boards versus your 5 boards gives more people a fighting chance to place in these events.

Increasing the number of mob waves from 2 to 4 (total waves from 3 to 5) is still the simplest and best alteration that could be made to the challenge events to address many of the issues people have with them.

  1. Would it become harder? A negligible amount. People mainly die on the first wave and the boss wave. Increasing the number of mob waves won’t have a large effect on completion rate.

  2. Do you need more skill and less luck? Yes. Currently, you wait for a great board, make one move, kill all the enemies in the first wave, then use items/specials to defeat the next two waves. Once there are two more mob waves, items won’t let you beat all the waves, so you actually have to play well to finish the waves quickly.

  3. Will the scoring need to change? No. The exact same formulas can still be used. Absolute values will be lower since completion time will be increased and tiles/turn will be lower. There will probably be more variation in scores, though.

  4. Will replaying allow better scores? Yes. Boards still matter, but skill will become much more important.

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I use rare stage 2 for xp farming. 431 xp per flag on auto; uses 2 flags. I gave up caring about the rest. I seriously look forward to these events for the xp farming.

You are right, forums are made to discuss and suggest which is how games evolve.
It’s not that your opinion isn’t good or that top 100 only look at their own loot as you say.

You will find it’s more about what is or seems more important fir the majority of players.
If your suggestion doesn’t meet thise requirements then it won’t be viewed as important or worthwhile.

Don’t be offended by those that disagree with you, instead put up a better stronger arguement supporting your suggestion and if there isn’t one then move on.

When will people understand that SG has a buisness? They can’t give everything out free. Without a profit there will be no expansions and development and it’ll be over in less time. You have tourneys for free and it just started so they are addressing some MORE free loot to the “snivelers”. At some point you will have to except a balance … it gets so tiring to see “the hands come out” at every turn. I personally have 1132 Atlantis coins alone ( for free from finishing stages) which is 11 free pulls plus a chest. Also got free loot for putting 5 unleveled 3* in a tourney just for laughs that miraculously filled half a raid chest. There is a ton of free stuff in this game and what it really boils down too is if you want to spend a little to speed progress up. If you do spend money great if your choice is not too great. But, except your “position” either way.