Limit number of runs on monthly event

Reduce the score for every used item. Items could be categorized and using them will reduce the score for a certain percentage matching the category.

This could also happen every say 3 attempts. 4th -10%, 7th -20% and so on.

It’s ridiculous to do 20 or even more attempts on each level. Sadly they wanna sell refills, so they won’t change towards f2p.

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If you are the best at something, that is great for you. If you are better at something because you make 30 attempts looking for the perfect board, how much of that is you being great versus you having good luck? All I am saying is limit the attempts at having good luck, so it is more about being a great player.


This game is already luck based with boards, so seriously, how would limiting attempts tone down the luck part?

Lol i am by no means the best at anything in this game. Just to make that clear.

if you get 5 chances per level to rank, how is that any less luck dependent than getting unlimited, basically the top ranks will be those who got a lucky board and not those who spent more time prepping for the event along with more effort in finding the right board. So which system would reward true luck more than the other?

Limiting runs increases luck dependency and reduces skill, prep, effort dependency

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What about everyone having the same board to begin with. This board should contain the exact same number of tiles of every colors.
Each level have a determined board.
For competitive events like this, luck would be less a factor and skill would impact more.
Having the same number of each color tiles would limit the possibility of trying the board, resetting to color stack according to the starting board
And i kinda like @Olmor idea of decreasing score based on the usage of items

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It’s not luck based. It’s augmented luck based. You need 200 bombs and dragon attacks etc - and several dozen WE flasks. That’s not luck. That’s a resource base with a luck component


They won’t do it because they earn good money from energy refills, but for an interesting competition without the need to spend many hours on the event, any limitation would be great. A limit of 15 would be much too high, few players have fun repeating them more than a few times. Even a single chance would be fine for me.

There’s also the possibility of an increasing penalty. For example, the second attempt at a lvl could have a 500 points penalty, the third 1000 and so on. That way, you could compensate having bad boards to a certain extent, if you really want to. If you don’t want to use the term “penalties”, you could also give a 5000 points bonus for the first attempt, 4000 to the second…

A system like this would make me enjoy the monthly events again. As it is, it’s just interesting for a few fanatics, and I even doubt that restarting a lvl dozens of times is fun even to them!

Because 99% of people don’t play the way the top 1% do. If you are as good at strategy and prep, it will show up in every attempt you make. It should align more with raid tournaments either in expanding the loot base or limiting the runs. That is my opinion. It doesn’t bother me that others disagree.

Me competing in Rare only I don’t ever see the drain from those resources, but I can see that being a thing in Epic and Legendary. Most expensive things in rare are axes which are nothing

Still I’d rather see a % based rewards system before changing the entire thing to “here’s your chances to get good boards and if not well too bad.”

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Why does this feel like deja vu…

I was 12th rare last event. I think I burned 8 we flasks on the last stage, but none of the boards were worth my items. I fled a few times and the half decent boards I used to finish stage 10 without items.

Time was my main constraint. Didn’t had time to burn 30 flasks to wait for that perfect board.

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People overstate the items that may need to be used to break top 100 - and in the last one top 100 included hidden blades. Top 10, sure, that is a whole other level of commitment.

Like @ERROR4 stated, I didn’t use a single item on any level that it was obvious I wasn’t going to improve my score. I probably used <50 of any single item, no WE flasks or refill, and landed at 71 rare, <1000 in epic & Legendary.

I say play for fun, let the spenders do their thing as no matter what happens or how it’s tweaked it’s designed to give paying players (big spenders advantages) and unless your one of them (I most certainly am not one) then why waste your time fighting/arguing it.

Just have fun with what you have and say thank you to those spenders fighting/spending for top rewards to allow you to have that fun.

Nothing you say on that score will ever change and you will always be frawned upon for bringing it up.


Because it is, lol…

its a forum for stating opinions and shaping the game. Typically those who benefit from a current system will fight against change. Those who don’t will usually ask for change. Why would a top 100 competitor want more competition? I get that point… you want your loot.

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Do I try for the top 100? No
Do I want to see changes to how the challenge events are run? Yes
Do I support the idea of limiting the number of runs on the challenge events? Hell no.

So, just because people don’t like an idea to change the challenge event, doesn’t mean they are trying to protect their loot. Their are a lot of good ideas proposed to improve the challenge event to add more skill into it, but this isn’t one of them.

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Cool! The only other idea I heard was increase the loot base for more people to win. That is a great idea. Not sure it adds any strategy to it. I read this post… thought it made sense to me and I made a comment. If I read a different post that makes more sense, I will make a comment there. Unlimited tries only constrained by time and money is not something that I find appealing. You disagree… good enough.

Best idea I read about in the past is increase the number of stages of monster from 2 to 4, this way people can’t just find one good starting board (luck) with unlimited retries. 3 good boards in a row is kinda hard to farm. But if someone wants to spend the time and money, they can. Otherwise it adds some skills

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So basically it wouldnt change anything other than make it more expensive for those already willing to put the finance, game resource, and time cost into competing

Making the stages harder wouldnt bring in more competition. And it wouldnt deter those who already compete. Literally all it would do is make SG more money without doing any good for the playerbase.

Players that find the events too time consuming and expensive to compete in now, will only find them more time consuming and expensive if they’re more challenging.

Not seeing any good for the playerbase from this suggest change

And yes i realize this post was a bit repetitive, just too lazy to reword and fix it

Personally, the best solution i can think of is for devs to work their as*es off to perfect raid tourneys then return the loot back to the way it was in the beginning

Those that are f2p/c2p can focus on competing in the raid tourneys without worrying about trying to outdo the p2w board farmers and the p2w board farmers can continue competing with each other in the monthly events

Increased rewards for all, without screwing with things others already have a focus on and enjoy. Doesn’t increase the cost of the players, doesn’t take away from the income SG gets from the events. Win/win/win etc


Did you guys happen to notice that zero placed top ten in the last tourney? My opinion is they added a tournament ( didn’t charge gems because of the out right sniveling by 2cheap2pay crowd) and it’s a “no do over” in those tourneys. So, why not be happy? Leave stuff as it is. If it wasn’t for the money crowd the social cases would be playing candy crush not this fun game. Don’t kid yourself SG wouldn’t be developing this further if there was no profit. I could even go as far as saying “charge gems SG for the tourney so we can have better loot”.

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