Limit number of runs on monthly event

The current events are like playing a game of darts where I get 3 darts per turn and some of my opponents are playing with 10 or more darts per turn.

My idea is to limit the number of tries on an event level to 15.

This basicly sets an upper bound to the number of darts per turn :grinning:

Why do this?
Currently the top 10 or even top 100 on events pretty much have the same people in it every time. All though it’s very impressive they can consistently get there, I feel it’s too much pay to win. For a top ranking you basicly hold your items and retry starting boards until you get a killer board where you go all in.

With around 10 WE refills you ussually have enough to reach top 10 on rare. I have heard winners even go as far as 34 WE refills to secure that top spot.

Maxing the number of retries will result in a few things:

  • You can’t just fold every starting board you don’t like. At some point you will have to make the best of what you got.
  • The item ussuge will be higher. Because you will probably burn items on runs that are less optimal just to set a decent score. Hence it will be harder to compete as you need to farm more.

I expect with this change we will see a little more variation in terms of winners, and top 100 rankings.

And here’s the reason, why S&G doesn’t do that:
Much of these players buy WE, directly or with special offers WE Flasks.
So they could earn money for this player behaviour to reach top placings.
You could do this also, if you like go up the ranking ladder.
If you don’t since you won’t spend money to the game, you should every time have back in the head: without money they can’t serve a game to us.


Only a few are willing to buy 30+ WE refills.

Quite a lot that are willing to buy 10. So if money is the argument, I think more people will buy WE refills if the top spot remains within reach.


And those few willing to buy 30 WE flasks are instead going to buy items to use EVERY run.


So be it. At least it wouldn’t be possible to retry 100x on stage 10 until you get that perfect board.

15 times per stage would be still very expensive, too expensive even for the #1 rewards and the chances for a top rank wouldn’t be higher neither.

100s of reruns for a Guin, a Merlin, an Arthur, two tonics and some 3* mats. Not worth it imo.


Sorry - I am actually agreeing with you and countering the point that SG would lose money. I really like your idea and think SG would make MORE money.

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Another way they could give everyone a chance at competing is to add a negative multiplier increasing at every new attempt starting from your 6th attempt at a stage.

Just a thought, more than one way to overcome a problem.


Honestly… I would even say 5-10 tries per level. At this point these events are all pay to win. I don’t replay any levels. Once I finish and get the end loot I am done, but I might if I actually thought I had a chance. When 95+% know they don’t have a chance, they won’t make more attempts then necessary to finish.


The problem is the resources required to expend to get anywhere except inside the top 10 vastly exceed the loot rewards on offer.

I’m routinely in the top 100 cups and for the first time last month I decided to push and see how I’d do. I managed to get into the top 300 in legendary when I stopped… and by the end I’d fallen to around 2000. The cost of getting there just in game resources was prohibitive - never my my actual time.

And I can’t even classify the attempt as fun, particularly.

Now If everyone had 3-10 tries per level and then you were capped… I might take a swing again. But right now the events are just freebies given out to zero and their ilk.

The rich get richer. The 1%. Etc


As a cheap to play player who has played for almost two years I don’t agree with this idea (my definition of C2P: I have VIP and will buy the Atlantis monthly deal occasionally - and I didn’t start doing this until Atlantis came out - before that it was random $2 calendar deals a few times a year). Why should I be penalized for my hard work and investment (mostly time and effort) because their are whales who want to sink money into the game to try and pay to win (and also, mind you, keep this game afloat)? I easily cruised into the top 100 in rare with non-emblemed 3* heroes using no flasks, simply because I had some great boards on levels that mattered most.

Which is the flaw in this method. I replayed rare level 1 20+ times and had 20 crappy boards that barely improved my score. Then I played level 9 once and upped my score 13k.

I will also say that many top players like zero once they win the top slot they bow out. He does it as do many others.

The better solution, in my opinion, is being discussed already which is changing the rewards to the tier method used in raid tourneys. The rewards may have been suitable when the first pirates challenge came out, but that was a long time ago and the player base is MUCH larger now.


I voted, but not because of the supposedly pay-to-win, I think I might have around 80-90 world energy flasks saved up, I never bought these, lol. Just from playing the event and placing reasonable (you don’t need to use any flasks for that), you get a load of flasks. I use a few a week I think, but I seem to get more than I use, so…

For me, it’s just because I really don’t like the farming for a good board, it takes the fun out of the events for me, so I stopped competing. So, for me, I’d like to see any change to the events that requires people to just play the boards, instead of farming the boards to get one that makes you pass the stage with just a few moves (whoever thought up that scoring system??? Lol), I honestly don’t get what’s fun about that.

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Focus on raid tourneys instead

Problem solved without screwin with a feature some others enjoy already

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I enjoyed the events too, I had no problem competing either when they started. I don’t think they were meant to be played as they are now, so I don’t see it as screwing with a feature.

And I would like to play every part of the game instead of just focussing on one feature. But thanks for suggesting raid tournaments to me, they are already on my radar though…

And to be honest, I am not sure I will be competing even if they make changes, because I have too much real life stuff on my mind. I would just like to see the events be enjoyable for most players instead of a very small group, like it seems to me now. (I have no problem with the same people being on the leaderboard either, if someone is better, they’ve earned it).


So because the 1000 or so people who always place in the top tier like it, the whole rest of the player base should just shut up? Nice!


Just take away the usage of battle items! As it is now, events is not at all about the match 3 mechanic which the game is categorized as. Move a couple of times and then blast thru with bombs and other material. I’m not too fund of luck being as big part as it is. But we all know it stimulates our primitive brain better then pure skills and certain outcome. But as with summons, those that pay should get more chances to get lucky.

Or make the last level more like titan fights, where you continue to get points until you die. I’ve played quite a long time, but I think loads like me lack the truly challenging quests and other game activities. Really enjoyed the Christmas event as the last levels actually were quite hard. Hopefully SG adds a couple of more power updates to our AI-controlled enemies soon, not just the titans.


I enjoy challenge events as they are. It is luck based but it’s what makes it fun when you get a great board and that high score you really needed. I come from playing competitive fighting games, so I really like the adrenaline and the rush that comes with it… I can understand if others find it stressful though.

I only compete in them when I think I can do well too. I save up all my WE flasks so I spend minimal amounts of gems and wait until I feel I have enough items crafted to do well. I should also mention that I only compete in Rare tier, which is the one I personally find fun.

The only suggestion I actually liked here was changing the score rewards to be player % based. That I’d be okay with myself, since the player-base is fairly big now as opposed to when the game started with these challenge events. More people getting goodies for playing doesn’t seem like a bad thing to me.

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Those that dont compete, dont want to compete, but want to change things up for those who do compete

Basically people like the idea but not the practice

SG could change it to make it easier on everyone but you’ll still see the same players in the ranks.

Sure some outside interest would grow for the first couple months but the grind would wear them down

As you can see above, real life gets in the way for most that don’t already compete

If SG can tweak the events and the number of competitors significantly increases, great but highly unlikely

And no matter what change SG makes, you’ll still hear excuses for poor placement. “I didnt even try”, “its not worth it”, “i refuse to spend what the others do”, “it’s too time consuming”, etc etc etc


If you meant me, please don’t twist my words! I have a lot of the event avatars, I can compete. But even if I couldn’t, I would still be allowed to have an opinion.

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Just let people spend money so the game continues being developed.

I’m fine with rewards of lower tiers.


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