Limit for attacks (and losses) against same team?

I thought there was a limit on attacks against the same team if you were attacking a team and that it was no different than if you were revenging from their raid. I normally attack a team and will sometimes try the max (3) number of tries to see what hero composition works to win and if I fail then it does not allow me to go again. I like to do this with especially hard heroes as I might see them in war and it allows me to see what combinations might work. Today I attacked a team and lost 5 times! The only reason I kept going was because it kept allowing me to! I’ve never been able to attack the same team 5 times! Is this a bug or a new change with V30 I did not know about? It sure seems too that the AI is smarter and really hitting my heroes harder than before and it knows when my special is about to go off and kills my hero too.

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