Limit breakers

Empires & Puzzles should allow us to purchase limit breakers.

Oh boy this will be interesting.

If I’m SG I don’t allow purchases for the first year. Then possibly open the flood gates.


No doubt that it’ll happen soon.


Hurry and open those flood gates.

Anyone else remember the outrage of lb ? Now ppl love em. Go figure :laughing:


It sucks, so frustrating to fight defense 5000+ already with formation :frowning: I don’t want to meet more of those.

Wow, are you attempting to have another riot in the forum with this suggestion?


What I like about them is that they permit me to make further use of the three-star Heroes. Otherwise they quickly become useless in the harder quests. Ninja tower is an excellent example.

Oh my :woman_facepalming:t2: … I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

Oh, I’m not one of those people :dizzy_face::exploding_head:

5k teams… :scream:


Please no!
Now everyone has the chance to win some limit breakers. With purchases big spenders can limit break half their roster if they are willing to spend a few hundert $. This will be the end for f2p and c2p in mid- and upper diamond.
Very very sad…


It is just one person… for now.

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So, someone created an account specifically to post this request. :thinking:

I have nothing else to add except: Please no.


To be very honest, I doubt that SG will currently allow the purchase of LBs while people are “playing” for them.
But give it time…… say 12 to 18 months
I would say it will go exactly the same way as Emblems
Drip feed first, then allow players to buy and then open the flood gates.
At that point there will probably be something new in the game to increase the power of your heroes


Your are right…joined 12 hours ago…

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Honestly, how they handle selling limit breakers will be telling . If they want the game to last if will be later, and slow. If they escalate quickly to making them available soon, their looking for a quick buck not thinking they have a long future. Just my thoughts,


I brought this topic up to find out what people and if anyone as any insight to we can purchase limit breakers. I’m just annoyed by see teams with limit breakers and I don’t have enough material to level my 5* heroes with limit breakers I have not had any luck getting my 5th 5* material to level.

Just missing a super quick reply from SG staff (which they normally never do) ‘‘Thank you for your idea, we’ve passed it to our development team!’’

There are already a lot of limit breaker thread and a lot of them contain anger and hate at the possibility of it appear in shop.


yelnats_24: Exactly. I was going to link my LB thread in my first reply on this thread, but I do not want to revive it any sooner than necessary.

In regards to LB:

Existed before LB’s release

In this thread someone brags Mentions their LB 3*.

And in Zynga Q2 report they blamed COVID easing up on losing customers.
They also complained about difficulty gaining :joy: new customers! I couldn’t type that without actually laughing

If only someone warned them what new players would experience with LB and the paywall. :rofl::rofl: let alone super creeps that erode your roster, whether you spend money or not…

[🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels (aka Limit Breakers) [Part of The Beta Beat v37 & V39] - #466 by Pompitous]

And now… here come the bugs!

Didn’t someone also prophecies that :wink:

ALL…Loot box games, by design, can not have balance… all though SG did well despite the odds for a long time!
Until they got purchased… that is

You want "engagement…?"
Maintain balance…

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