Limit breaker restoration token

My post was flagged for violation of community guidelines. I read through those guidelines. I don’t see why it’s flagged.

If Zynga/SGG has an issue from their corporate perception, they should just tell me directly and not use “community guidelines” as an excuse.

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Can we have a restoration token for the restoration token if the hero gets a buff?

Emblem do not unlock new level.

Aether unlock new level, just like Ascension Material.

SG never listen to request for ascension reset.

Me (asking for and escalating my request for the 3rd time because Customer Disservice can’t ■■■■■■■ read English apparently): “Please use the Ultimate Reset Token on my account per the notes in v50 which I have pasted below.”

Them: “I’m sorry we can’t honor your request. We do not hand out the Ultimate Reset Token to players”.

I mean seriously, the level of incompetence of these morons is staggering.

As I thought, CS will not release that token to a player. They will need to access player’s account to reset requested hero.

It could be that they have issues implementing that token.

Another thought occurred to me. That token could be used by Zynga/SGG to claw back items purchased and used, followed by player cancelling that purchase for a refund. Instead of deducting gems from player’s account.

Until Zynga/SGG is more forthcoming with terms n conditions for that token, it is anybody’s guess what Zynga/SGG intended that token for.

Now that Xnolphod has been nerfed, along with some W3K heroes, I am waiting for Zynga/SGG to compensate affected players. Or offer to reset Xnolphod if player decides to bench Xynolphod post nerf.

My point was I asked 3x to please use the token on my account. Their response is they don’t hand tokens out to players, which is not what I asked. Either they aren’t bothering to read the request correctly, or they are not native English speakers or both. It’s like talking to a wall & it’s infuriating.

I am sorry that you are frustrated. I doubt that CS are native English speakers, based on my experience with them.

CS has indicated that tokens are not handed out to players. And they are not applying them on your requested heroes.

Sounds like those tokens are intended for another purpose.

Can you try asking them what those tokens are for instead? Cos you are confused why they cannot accede to your simple request.

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I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one asking this but couldn’t find the answer. Is there a plan to introduce reset button for aethers? They are really hard to come buy but obviously if you have them available and don’t have any good hero you’re not gonna wait forever and may end up using them on a hero you will find useless later (same as emblems).
So anyone heard any plans to create a reset button? I pray that they will do that :slight_smile:

Currently no plans mentioned however there is a special reset available only through support to fully reset a hero.

Meaning that they could actually do that?

It is something they could potentially add.

They should give it for free for hero’s after a rebalancing nerf! All mats gone, all ham gone all Limit breaks gone for a hero you possible no need anymore…

Just a question. Would it be possible to add a reset button for limitbreaked heroes? Same like emblems?
Would not hurt sg money income. Same like reset emblems.