Limit breaker restoration token

This is a normal response.

Continue to reply. Reiterate the info.

Till a real human actually reads your ticket.

Be patient.

This is normal.

I doubt “reset token” will be ever added.
It’s not like emblems, you actually level up your heroes using regular feeders.

Aethers aren’t like emblems, they are like regular mats, like Sturdy Shields or Mystic Rings. Once used they are not suppose to be giving back, because it’s technically just an ascension material.

Aether reset token have same sense as “ascend reverse token, because I want my darts back from Justice”.

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Something to deal out to your friends at parties.

Once a flood of CS short circuits the automated response system, how long before capitalism takes over??? My guess is 3 months.

After stores begin selling this golden reset button for a very high price, a new problem will develop: spenders bench of LB 5* will skyrocket. Not that it isn’t already obscenely higher than others, but a swath of the population will be come full circle to that… I got more LB than I know what to do with~ moment. That we had we with emblems. And hey, the 4* mat bottleneck will also break wide open too!

So then… it will be time to extend aether, or create another new roster development material.

Which will add the photon torpedo cannon upgrades to the paywall. Nice!

Where do I sign?

I wasn’t lucky on holy aethers, and just recently I was able to collect the needed aethers to LB a 5* holy hero. I fried my mind on which hero to get them for days with so many good options, even with firends and alliance mates. And a few days ago I executed the limit break on Vivica (and costumes). I was so happy about it until this morning. I pulled Nemesis in a 10x pull. Now all I want to do is max her, give her everything, emblems, aethers… aethers?.. Nooooo!!!

@BlackZed but existence of this just proves my point - it resets EVERYTHING. Aethers, ascension, ALL levels.

So once again, limit break is considered an ASCENSION. Even with this token you can’t revert only 1 level of ascension. It’s all or nothing.

You and 500,000 others share this story.

The other 500,000 happily use Vivica because they don’t purchase the upgraded creep.

Send in the CS ticket. And get your golden button. Get it now!
Before capitalism wins the debate

Hey I was about to come talk about the “Ultimate Hero Reset” but I am surprised you got data about it. You already leaked the last SE roster, what/where is your source? :sweat_smile: :rofl: (honestly and joke apart, where did you get that from?) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EDIT: for the description, it’s 50% of the food and iron, up to 100’000’000.

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The write up is from Version 50 update.

Photo from Mr Magma, who sends me stuff sometimes, if it’s particularly juicy. Like that Ultimate Reset Token.

I am nowhere near your level. :joy::rofl:

Please add on if you have info.

Edit: 50% of ham n iron up to 100m only ? Is that on top of the 20% for emblems reset ? Or included within ? 100m is equivalent to 200 500k ham/iron crates. :flushed:

Yes, limit breaking a hero is akin to ascending hero to a higher Level. If Zynga/SGG could openly add or create a new higher tier, I am sure they would. To drive demand for ultra-premium heroes.

What do you mean on top of the emblem reset? The ultimate hero reset already resets everything (talent grid, experience levels and ascension/LB) and gives back all the consumed items (ascension materials, LB materials and emblems) and 50% of the consumed food and iron (for feeding, ascensions, LB and talents) up to 100M. Why would you use one reset token after the other? Maybe if the food limit is reached for the ultimate hero reset alone, could be better to use a basic emblem reset first and then the ultimate hero reset but they would just work normally one after the other.

No point using emblem reset, then ultimate reset unless hero is benched in stages. I can’t see this happening though. Once emblems are reset, the hero is effectively benched.

That means that the max 100m of ham/iron covers all estimated usage. 200 500k crates! Will come in handy for the replacement hero.

“Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately too much time has elapsed and we will not be able to resolve your issue”. Like I said, about as helpful as I expected from SGG.

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Yeah, I don’t think it’s going to matter. I complained on this forum multiple times about the issue that there was no pop-up confirmation window to limit break after I had accidentally touched the button on my phone 4 times (and many others chimed in the same thing had happened to them too), and asked back then to have this fixed and they said no back then too. So reporting the issue when it happened didn’t matter then either. The whole point was to correct their poor game design of no confirmation window like they were already doing in other aspects of the game.

That pop up now exists. Can’t remember which update version though.

It does, but they refused to fix or reset accidentally limit broken heroes back then, and they’re making excuses as to why they won’t do it now despite what they are claiming they can do in their v50 notes. Back then, no fix option. Now, oh sorry it was too long ago. Yep, more phoney baloney hollow promises from SGG, what a shock.

It would be great if SG took the time and explain exactly what are the circumstances required for us to obtain this kind of token. Guess “I’m tired of my Thorne and would like him reset” wouldn’t work… at least, I hope it wouldn’t…

The release notes said it was for support reason only and the only situation I can imagine is for situations like Franz when they nerf a hero quickly after release.

But sure would be great for SGG to be more transparent on their support processes.

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Uhm… Who is Mr Magma? :thinking: