Limit breaker restoration token

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Just be careful what buttons you press. Slow down a bit and read the buttons .

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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There is literally a confirmation dialogue box asking you if you wish to proceed to avoid predicaments such as these. Cheers.


They included that confirmation after several complaints of players that made the same mistake as me.

Sounds like you’re out of luck. Same as if you “accidentally” took a hero to their max ascension. They don’t offer tokens to reset those, nor should they for LB.

After this, you should have known to be careful. No one, including myself, should be able to reverse this. Try not to fat finger next time.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing something like this in the future. However they do say the material is “unrecoverable” , In the mean time we have to be careful about who we LB,.

Can you please elaborate why shouldn’t they?

LB is same as leveling a hero to 4-80. There is no reset for that either. You use the mats and they are gone forever. But then there have been calls for a rest there as well. People are never happy with what they have.

You made the decision at the time that your best option was to LB Jahangar. Or you rushed ahead without thinking it through. Either way, decision was made.

It could have been worse, you might have LB’ed Vlad.


I’ve already elaborated, as have others. Limit breaker items are essentially ascension mats. They’re not emblems that enhance the max level, but rather consumable items that open up higher levels of a hero. In order to reset LB, logic would dictate to allow resetting of ascension levels as well since they literally do the same thing. Which won’t happen.

Playing this game for nearly 3 years, I’ve never “accidentally” ascended a single hero even though there is no confirmation dialogue for regular ascension. The fact that you most likely have LBed a hero you’ve regretted later, like you did with Jahangir, garners no sympathy from my end.

Here’s why the token shouldn’t exist. Because once it does, it’s monetized. Is that good for the devs? Absolutely. Is it good for the whales? Absolutely. Is it good for ptp? Absolutely. Is it good for the health of the game? Absolutely not. There’s a limited source of whales, and if all you want is whales v whales, keep trending in this direction. Eventually the delusional c2p and ftp (and I’m in this group), will finally wake up and realize the playing field is even more tilted than before.

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how if there is aethers resetter just like reset emblems, so we can take aethers back to 5* heroes we regret LBing

This has been asked before, more than a few times

Always think twice and look before leaping.

It’ll come eventually extremely rare loot or at a cost.

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After seeing what LBing has done to matchmaking for me, I sure have regret. Yes to being able to revert it. But I suspect the techy stuff for it isn’t quite there.

Bad idea… really bad…

LB were always a bad idea. A restoration token would make them a bad idea on steroids. The only worse idea is a new set of aethers that allow players to go to 4-90. Oops…….

I’ve been asking for this since about Day 1 when I accidentally touched the wrong button on my phone and limit broke a hero I didn’t want to do that to. Then it happened 3 more times. Finally after enough complaining from people like me about this issue they added a second window to verify if you wanted to Limit Break which should’ve been done in the first place. I still feel we need a reset token, especially if they move forward with their original plan to be able to Limit Break heroes 4x (turning all chevrons pink) such that Legendaries will eventually be able to be maxed at level 100.

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The ultimate reset token now exists. For player support purposes.

Resets hero from xxx to 1.01. Not available from game play.

You can send in a tix to CS to apply for 1 if you want to claw back your aethers. Only snag is : that hero goes back to 1.01

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will it ever be available in game play not just beta ?

It was part of V50. It’s been released for “player support”.

Not available from gameplay. My guess is that player needs to write in to CS to apply for one, citing hero to be used on.

I am not even sure that player will be allowed to wield that ultimate reset token. My guess is that CS will apply the token to the chosen hero, on player’s behalf.


I put in a request for my 4 “accidents” so hopefully they will help. I never leveled any of my 4 after their accidents as longstanding proof I never meant to limit break them in the first place. Thank you for the heads up!

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Well this turned out to be a bust. “In order to solve your problem we need to know the exact date & time of your issue”/ Oh yeah, because I made sure to write that down when it happened each of the 4 times it occurred like 6 months ago or more before v50 was released. So effing stupid. SGG customer service is as terrible as I expected it to be.