Limit breaker restoration token

Limit breaks are another form of ascension mat. They’re apparently unwilling to allow resetting those.

It would be good to have a do-over for those who screwed up in the tutorial though and accidentally limit broke Kiril.

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A reset is coming, the same as sell them at the shops. After they came out with emblems, they took a little longer to come out to the shores and provide resets

If we don’t have a reset for regular ascension mats, I don’t see it as guaranteed we’ll see one here.


They gave us reset emblems.

I want a do-over as well, because the tutorial that I did not ask for forced me to apply my first five towards upgrading an obsolete ice hero rather than a ice hero that I would have wanted.

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@Rick_O-Shay What tutorial?

There is a tutorial in-game that goes through the steps for doing so once you have aethers. Similar to the war tutorial when you reach level 12. If you continue all the way through you end up limit breaking whatever hero the game chose for the tutorial. In many cases that is Kiril, who may not be the hero of choice for the player to limit break. In others it is Graymane. Best to exit out before the end to avoid this but there is no warning that the tutorial is live. Bad design on SG’s part.

Well that is dumb, so limited resources force to be use on an random hero

I didn’t see any tutorial…

I didn’t LB anyone early on OR the same day…

I would love to see this implemented soon

Hahaha…! Look at all the regret already!

If they get to reverse the advantage they have taken in 3 and 4* tournaments, then I want a reverse button for hero ascension to get mats back!

Including ham and iron with emblem reset allowed for alliances to alter defenses. Which… used to happen regularly. Anymore, meta’s are more obvious… so even that is less of an issue these days.

If you were duped by the tutorial that’s unfortunate. But this feature is adding levels! Which is something that new players have to deal with when they enter the raid arena. Something mid-tier player’s have to deal with when they enter diamond. And something top-tier player’s shouldn’t get to toss around like popcorn at the movies. It should have consequences if you are careless with them.

A :gift: with equivalent aether from tutorial would not be a big deal.

No, no, and hell no. Stop allowing people to buy their way out of mistakes. That being said, I expect the LB reset token to be available in the shop by October.


Completely agree, I don’t care that they sell the aethers I just don’t want to see resets, that is where p2w would get a real advantage constantly shifting to the new and shiny

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