Limit breaker restoration token

I got a fifth red 5 star aether from battles somewhere but had used up my 3 and 4 star ones so have to wait for next Red challenge to level up one of 5 star heroes. But when I know when that is for 20 days before hand will stack a TC for red feeders and get it maxed quickly. With all things in this game planning helps

Does Anyone Know If You Use A “Reset Emblem” Will It Reset Your Limit Break

No, it doesn’t. Only the emblems.


No, it will only give you back all the emblems the hero has and some ham and iron you used to emblem them, nothing more.

At the moment there is no way to get back your limit break material once used.


There should be a limit break reset token and 2x a year we can get a reset hero token to get the 4* mats back examples 6 rings and 1 blade and tome … thats a huge quality of life improvement … 10000 likes please!!!

I think at some time in the near future the reset tokens should also reset the aethers used for limit breaking. As more heroes come in, players will want to reallocate their used aethers to newer heroes.


This has been mentioned numerous times, fact is aethers are currently the equivalent to a 4* eai, scope, darts, tonic, tabard, rings.

There’s no reset for them so there might not be a reset item for aethers.

Every five months you can get new aethers which works with a good raid tournie and war ratio.


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Will do thanks! 20 characters

More of a question tied to this. Are there plans in the future to add a second purple stripe or are they planning on sticking with one?


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Here is a quote:

"Limit Breakers is a very clear example of this - we have evaluated that we must raise the maximum evolution cap, so to speak, of Heroes at this stage of the game lifecycle and thus we set this as a non-debatable goal."

From this year’s AMA, found here.

Consider after some time,
Many have taken their 30th or so legendary to 4.85.

And then,
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I don’t think limit breaker restoration would work. You can’t un-ascend a hero or decrease a hero’s level. How then could you drop a hero’s level from 4/85 back down to 4/80?

Just be more picky and patient about who you limit break. I make sure I’m certain about who I want to limit break or wait until I have enough to break 2 of the same color before breaking one. That way, I won’t regret breaking one even if I get a new shiny hero I want to break as well.

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Of course down the line there will be. The odds are 100%

Will there ever be a reset or a way to remove limit breaker from a hero?

Good idea for all player

When you get a restoration token for rings, tonics, darts, scopes and tabards ~ yes, maybe, perhaps. If you’re lucky!

It’s only a matter of time before everything is LB for the p2w. At that point it’s not going to matter that you made a mistake LB a hero. Let the gap widen between the haves and the have nots, because $€€ couldn’t care less.

I think you didn’t mean to reply to me because your reply doesn’t match what I said.

It wasn’t a mistake limit breaking Sif till they nerfed her. Now I barely use her.

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