Limit breaker restoration token

Good morning I think it’s a good idea to create a reset token for the limit break

totally agree. my guess: with time it will come.

(for SG it would be another possibility to sell something :grinning:)

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A limit reset token for 1k of gems​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

This was already discussed and it will be similar to emblems

I guess that it’s unlikely to happen, they never did it for other ascension materials and unlike emblems, leveling by feeding heroes is also involved.


You should put this in the ideas category if you want it to gain traction


If there are a bundle heroes feeder, just like ham and irons. :smiley:
We can get heroes bundle and food bundle. :laughing:

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I have adjusted it so that members can vote for it.


No. This would make it too easy for people to just switch everytime they get a new hero in the same way emblems are now. I like that it is like AM’s where you need to put in a bit of thought into who you want to use them on and where it most benefits your roster.


Ha ha ha i totally dont agree with you and i think the most of the players !!! You know whay becouse most of people are FTP, CTP that means next: if you are PTP you get a lot of LB !!! Thats advantage for them!!! If you say who cares for the FTP and CTP ill tell you that this game without this players this game is going to END !!! Lets see how will be wars and everything without this players ! SG must take care for FTP and CTP. For example I can ask you what is better? to make a party with 5 ppl or with 15 ppl ?

Of the segments you brought up which are more likely to keep getting the newest and shiniest hero to replace the one they’ve limit broken?

Would be cool if it was simply resettable by a click without any charges and/or coins to get the aether back but feeders and resources should be gone.

They don’t have to monetize everything.

It won’t happen. You can try asking. Having this Aether Reset token will affect the “game economy”.

SGG wants us players to spend more, not less.

As much fun as that sounds it’s the same as a ascension item.

We don’t get rings back and all.

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What do you think of a reset emblem for the Ether?

You know hit the heart if you like it.

too soon… I’ll heart it next year :heart_eyes: :panda_face: :wink:

Give it a couple of months you will be able to buy all the Aethers you need so won’t need a reset button


Hopefully I’ll invention this token soon not right away because the SG now I think is on vacation​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I want to change it. It could be part of the other reset button …

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