Limit breaker Quest

When will there be limit breaker Quest

In a couple hours. Simply looking at the calendar could have answered that for you.

Is has just started…
We can get Ice Limit Breakers…



Anyone know how often they will show up

I think I read something about twice per month :blush:

Stupid…with 4800 final level…theres gonna be alot of players that cant get these materials…this is definitely tuned to the higher end players and thats it.

@jmm0507 with the materials from one Mirages quest you cannot break even one legendary blue hero. So it will take some time unless these are brought up for sale.

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Keep in mind they are also available in war and raid tournament loot. The drop rates remain to be seen.

If anyone breaks a 4* please share a pic

Staff have indicated that the quest will be appearing approximately monthly but will be “random” like the current rare quests.

The first one is live as of 0700 UTC.


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