Limit break which dark hero?

Hi, i have the following dark heroes, and since i wont have any other dark projects after bringing chakky upto 3/70, might as well dive into LBing some heroes…

At max emblems

  1. Kageburado- use in raids, wars, titans. Not much in tournaments
  2. Hel- use in raids, wars, tournaments but not titans
  3. Ursena- use in raids, wars, titans
  4. Grimble- raids and wars, my mvp anti minion
  5. Senan- used in maps, raids, tournamens, not titans

At 4/80
6. Sartana
7. Domitia

4* heroes

  1. Sergei- titan
  2. Proteus- tournaments/events
  3. Rigard- used in all my purple teams-- definite LBing this one
  4. Ametrine
  5. Gafar
  6. Merlin
  7. Tibs

Thank you in advance.

Hel is an easy choice for me. Still the best special in the game and she needs the extra help to bulk her stats.

Edit: I walk the talk:


I’d wait for a second set, just in case you pull a top tier hero.

In the 4* range I’ll LB Rigard (better if you have costume) and Proteus, untill you keep enough aethers to LB a 5*. Sergei can be and option too, but it just depends on how you perform vs yellow titans.


I lean Hel as well… But Grimble is becoming more important with all the new minion heroes or… So of day those two before others.

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In my honest opinion I would focus on Hel first quickly followed by Ursena
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Grimble is the GOAT but I think he is sturdy enough. 936 defense is decent.

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I do have rigards costume. And he is my only “top tier” purple healer–> waiting on X-man or Diaochan.

No kidding, Grimble was my MVP for the S4 boss on both normal and hard difficulty.


Among these, Hel is easy choice. And from 4*s - definatelly Rigard.

Was ready to LB Hel as all of you have graciously suggested… but i guess SG had different plans for me…

I guess i should be complaining more that i am about to run out of projects… hahah!! Will most likely LB this one instead.


That’s a mistake IMO, but it isn’t necessarily wrong…both would be ok though Hel needs it more than Rayne does.

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Hel, Proteus, Rigard - definitely wise choices.