Limit Break Tutorial - Badly Designed!

That is why I try to not use anything in tutorial. I force to close app if it is needed. I also have experience like this in other game before.

Reported in Beta.
Ignored as always…

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So did I.It happened to me, too​:confused::confused::expressionless:

Yes it did, 5 times it did. When I finally went through the “tutorial,” I was able to tax an X in the top left corner of the screen without assigning ether to anyone.


I wonder if this is what was fixed in v40. The notes did mention a fix to the tutorial. It would be a shame if it was brought up in Beta but not fixed until someone read this thread.

I don’t understand, if small Giant was do one correction in version 40 why he not revert the limit break for who was report the problem? And if this was already report on beta, why this come for us?

unfortunately i think i am only lost my time to write this post but it’s commic the moderators saying “we don’t have the problem there was a escape button” but in correction/changes for version 40 mention one correction in tutorial for limit break.
so the correction is because of this point? what are the correction in tutorial, anyone knows?