Limit Break Tutorial - Badly Designed!

Please fix the limit break tutorial!

Went through the tutorial and there was no message of any sort saying tutorial ended.

End result?

I have now used my first set of limit break items on the random 4* hero it picked for the tutorial.

Nothing in there told me the tutorial was finished and clicking on that hero would use my items up


I just straight up denied the tutorial from proceeding by clicking it away. I love my kiril, but ain’t no way he’s getting any of my limit breaks


Hahaha. Me too. But I kept wondering if my nordri +20 was a good option for LB…

I’m sorry for your loss

I did the same thing. Just added limit breakers to Helo.

To be fair, the tutorial said to click there. So I did. I assumed there would be some sort of talent tree or further explanation.

There should have been a confirm button at least.


Hello all,

Well done EnP for your sneaky guided tour on aether shards. It is very easy to get mistaken and use them on an unwanted hero by accident.
I warned my alliance about it. I know some of you may say read better. No problem. But still, the way it’s put up is very sneaky!


E&P is trying to force me to limit break Graymane.

I had to shut down the app to escape what seems to me to be a trap or at least an unwanted use of limit breaks.

Am I missing something here?

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it is just a demonstration. in the end you can choose whether go on with gray mane or keep your aethers for an other heroe


You can still escape from that step… there are description said that, you can also limit break other heroes… so just tap close in the next step.


During the tutorial I was afraid they might force me to limit break a random hero…

That was on my mind too… but turn out it wasn’t a trap…


even food is a waste in graymane… that’s the worst possible scenario :rofl:

I was sent to max nordri but he’s the one i’ve wanted… but i feel you all.

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If you click on limit break button, it will show the aethers required and you still have a choice to go through with it or close the window

For the record, EnP always does this in tutorials - i remember in the beginning that the game “forces” you to level up Sharan or someone and its not a demonstration…

Stupid way of showing how things work, but this is SG…


At least that Sharan one teaches you basic information on levelling and stuff, ham and whatsoever comes and goes. this is valuable resources you may ‘waste’ on someone you didn’t want to. They can’t even give you 5 free small aethers to try it out on a rare hero.


Thank you for posting this. I was very hesitant as I went through the tutorial including several force quits hoping it would opt me out of the tutorial.

Yeah graymane is garbage. I’m glad that I mistakenly leveled up Helo. He should be relevant for awhile.

That sucks. I stayed away from limit breaks until I read the other posts. Those cheapstakes SG couldn’t even award sufficient ether for my legendary hero - 4/5. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Does the tutorial appear again after force quit?

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It only stops showing a notification after you hit the limit breaker button (IIRC)

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this is the point.
if i start an tutorial and she said click there… why i do not click? just look the comments only 1 or 2 see the escape button others do force quit to escape.

For the record, I pointed this out in beta but got ignored :slight_smile: