Limit Break Reset Tokens

When are we getting these extremley valuable LB resets? We were given a few and NOTHING since. I have like a million and four heroes i have wasted Aethers on. Heroes come and go, its a shame to waste that much time, money, and resources on a hero to LB them and never get those materials back. Would be nice to take them off old heroes that dont ever get used anymore and putting them to good use on new heroes

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Me and a lot of outher Betta testers wanted to have some sours to get them like we can get reset emblems token but SG/Zinga didn’t listened to us, so we will pray to have more nerfs just to get again some token like this.


SG / Zynga advised that we would all receive 3 of the LB reset tokens following the big rebalancing exercise.

But they are going to be as scarce as chickens teeth ….

SG / Zynga told us that we would only receive these LB reset tokens when deemed necessary by them …. They won’t fall as loot rewards in any way, shape or form …

Hope that helps


Unfortunately you have to LB2 a hero to even keep up these days. So to not give us any, or make them available for purchase is ridiculous in my opinion