Limit break red?

Who would you break? I have broken Ludwig and Krampus as spotter and Ariel as healer. My first red was Elizabeth.
Thanks and let me hear your opinion.

Depends on you LB strategy. Some LB around there def team options. I do it on an offence basis and as such LB BK the first time round and am now doing Garnett as they are both on my Red Mono team. I was very close to going with Saoirse for a hard hitting option, but she is not at 20Embs yet so that’s why

Really depends what you want to prioritize next, but looks like you are already set on taunters.

Garnet or Gefjon is a tough choice for sure.
Need more healing or need a harder hitting sniper?
IMO you really won’t regret either choice.

Also had to decide on these 2 or Elizabeth myself, but went with Garnet since I already did LB onyx and cobalt. Gefjon will probably be 2nd. With more possible fiend counters on the way not sure about Elizabeth now.


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