Limit Break is Here! Who are you going to use it on?!?

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My reds are mediocre. BT, Elena-C, Marjana, Mitsuko and Lady Loki. I’ve given up waiting to get good heroes through summons and HA 10 so I decided to just build on what I’ve got.

From that group I broke Lady Loki.


I’m doing my c bt at the moment. I use an average of 2 healers per war team and any survivability I can add to my 4* healers is very beneficial


I was of the same mind last night and @Cheds gave a decent argument as to why I should consider Scarlett over BT. An analogy might be: Bt is robust on his own, but base Scarlett (shatterproof glass canon) could/might be more useful if she was a laminated glass canon. Seems sound reasoning to me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep… totally depends on your roster and the way you set up and play your teams. I don’t have hard hitters in most of my teams and it’s generally about surviving and chipping away at the enemy, so for me BT makes more sense


So far i decided to limit break Master Lepus, other options were Miki or Lord Loki.
Got feeling that Lepus will make the most out of limit break, attack is obvious, extra hp gonna help with his minions aswell. Havent maxed him yet, but no regrets so far. Only thing what Lepus missing was base hp / def stats imo, limit break should handle that.


I did Scarlett and her defense is near 700 limited broken (I chose two defense nodes over attack ones when I emblemed her). Her survivability is now decent.


I’ve gone with Falcon and Boldtusk (once finish costume will LB that side too).

I had considered Sumle as I use him everywhere and he is my replacement for costume colen who I don’t have. But went with the 2 I will always use somewhere.

My overall philosophy with LBS is first time the quest comes round do 2 regularly used and great 4s and a costume, then second time round do a 5 star once have the correct number of aethers.

I only use 3s where I’m not allowed to use anything else, so won’t use any there.


Can you post the card for Boldtusk without costume? :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

Only level 82… and will probably stay there. I prefer to use the chef

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Level 85 Khagan

I’m more a fan of PvE than PvP so hoping that the extra 5 levels will

  • Make S4 map and quest stages easier including Ninja Tower and Costume Chamber
  • Autofarm faster
  • Reach top 1k in Challenge Events easier, faster, and using fewer battle items

With a level 16 mana troop


I literally use my BT’s all the time. BT1 is on my raid defense and almost always on my AW defence too. BT2 is used for AW only (mostly). BT3 is stuck at 3/60 (hero and costume; because just sometimes he is handy as a filler/healer on a AW cleanup team).

I really only use Scarlett for tile damage points on green Titans and as an AW red team filler. I’m not in a desperate hurry to throw away resources I can’t get back.

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I usually use c bt on my daily raiding team so it was a no brainer for me. And of course 4* get more bang for buck with LB than 5*

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As I previously asked, as we have topics for limit breakers already, please add your YouTube links to a single thread.




I understand controlling content but people responded to the thread. Not to the other one. Cant a person have a different view on the same topic? Keep it fresh and active instead of beating the same long tired thread up? You make this into a negative place to have friendly conversations? That will chase people away. I enjoy the game and want to find that passion in others. Boost their decisions and celebrate it.

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I enjoy seeing all views within one thread. We have way too many threads as is, it hurts search, which leads to more duplicate threads.

My least favorite is people who purposely misspell something to get a new topic when discourse clearly tells you that mana fact topic already exists.


5* healers are avoiding me. So I breaked my Kiril and my costumed Boldtusk.Costumed BT is in my war defense team too and I am looking forward to the enemies needing more flags on me(hopefully) . I did Namahage+20 too for the tournament, and I had enough small ethers from war loot.
cBT has now a power of 830 and Namahage has 601. Quite usefull…
If I getvthe ethers I will do cRigard, cMelendor and Lady Woolerton next, to have a „broken“ hesler in every mono team.

Happy gaming

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Only rares so far…

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As soon as I get a 5th fire aether III costume Marjana is going to lv 85 pronto. (only the costume, because it’s much faster to level, and the last time I used base version was for a class quest aka pretty much retired)

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So far, I’ve only done 3-stars in Blue so far: Gunnar and Costume Gunnar, both at +20 emblems, and Jarvur at +19 emblems.

In Red, I just unlocked Boldtusk+20 and I’m leveling him to 4-75; he sits at +20 emblems and has costume bonus but I don’t expect I’ll limit-break the costume too, as I almost exclusively use his original - I prefer the bigger attack bonus over the bigger heal.

I will probably limit-break G.Falcon next in Red, and then later I will limit-break Gravemaker once I have enough mats to do so. I use Boldie, Falcon, and GM in pretty much every raid I make against Green tanks, so they will be well worth it to me.

Good gaming!


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