Limit break hero on tournament defense team

I faced an opponent with limit broken hero in his defense team. However, the limit break items just released today, 2nd day of the tournament. I think the defense team should not get updated since the tournament started (Monday). I think the game should fix that


I can’t really remember if defence teams are fixed in tournaments in terms of levelling & emblem changes… I’ve tried searching for some mention of it officially but the Tournament Change Log is pretty old and none of the release notes seem to mention it specifically…

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I believe this needs to be fair and leveling up a defence hero should not count after the tourney has started. A war defence hero does not raise levels when war has started, so this should be consistent

The war defense not changing is only a very recent development. I’m pretty sure you’ve always been able to level/emblem tourney defense heroes too.


me too.
Bolil is LB(LV73)at 10th battle!

Personally, I think this is a feature more than a bug. A war lasts only 1 day, but a tournament goes on for 5 days.

The attacking side is free to level, emblem and limit break heroes/troops throughout, so the defense should have the same benefit. There is already an advantage for a human player in the ability to choose from the whole roster compared to the defense AI. The defensive player is making a choice (usually a handicap) in putting in a non-optimal hero at the beginning of the tournament.


Yeah. You’re playing against the AI, which is as dumb as a bag of spanners. :rofl: (even allowing for the absurd conspiracy that it’s improving exponentially a’la Skynet)

Nah. Not fixed. Only war is fixed. Can progressively upgrade your hero during tournaments


I lost the match not bevlvause of that Limit break. But lack of green tiles.

This weeks Tournament has started on 21-Jun-2021 and Limit Breakers Quest appeared on 22-Jun-2021.

There is no chance of getting any blue hero to Limit Break, which was used as tournament defence (as defence team gets locked once raid tournament begins)

Kindly check, this looks like a potential Bug.

Please check these:

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Had it as well, but when I fought him he had only Kiril aethered :stuck_out_tongue:

Raid tournament does not work like war. You can improve your defense throughout the week.


Ohh then I might be wrong. But that seems unfair if we can levelup or emblems the raid defence heroes.

Nothing stops you yah. There’s no hero development freeze for defence teams outside of war.

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Well, look at it this way. When I set my defense team for this tournament, I didn’t expect them to be facing level 75 Grimms and Jotts either

In the tournament you can improve heroes, levels, talents, troops all week. It’s always worked that way and it still works! No mistake! It is not possible only in war.

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