Limit break Hanitra or White Rabbit

  • Hanitra
  • White Rabbit

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So i can limit break either one and will be able to LB the other with 1 more 5 star yellow aether but not sure which one to Lb first. Most likely would add the hero to my D but don’t necessarily need to.

For the most part i would use Xnolphod, Hannah, lb Glenda, lb Costumed Vanda, lb gefjon. Since i use Glenda i will prob use Hannah over xnolphod for the time being as my tank. Quenell will be added to make it rainbow once i can get her to plus 20 talents and future lb. So i am really torn about these 2 i feel like i can use either to flank the purple tank. Hanitra i feel would be better but have been using rabbit more often but mostly cause i just finished hanitra. I do find her fun to use on offense but she doesn’t do defense down and that could be more beneficial for my game style. However, i can take out Glenda and use Lepus instead. I really like him and quenell together they are kill 3 heroes. So both of them as my wings with xnolphod tank and costumed vanda flank, who would be the better other flank? White rabbit or Hanitra.

Edit: i didn’t know how to make the poll so please don’t choose both lol!

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Not that anyone replied but i limit broke rabbit. In the end i feel like he will always be used and needs to be stronger.


Wow that was quick. Give us a chance to log on and get into the forum. If it’s any consolation I would have voted for white rabbit
Good luck


Lol! I really didn’t need to put the vote out there, i was leaning rabbit but since i haven’t used hanitra too much i wanted to see what a few others thought but i decided it didn’t matter and i don’t know how to close the thread so i closed the vote. My decision was pretty much already set.