Limit Break: Dark Hero

I’ve been using mostly Freya & Bera as tank for tower defense and all wars too. Usually flanked by Frigg and Odin/Morel.
I’m currently working on Xnolphod for RUSH war (to be flanked by Saoirse and Caitlin).
Who do you think should I give the dark aethers to.
I’m not counting on getting Alfrike as I have stopped spending.
Thanks for all the input. :smiley:

Poll for easy voting

  • Bera
  • Freya
  • Xnolphod

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Oh very cool, thank you.

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For me purple breakers are easy. Kageburado’s going 85, my only purple worth breaking. Can’t vote here, no idea who I would do if I got these three. Wish I had this dilema on my hands…

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I have Afrike, and she’s great as is, I have cseshat and she too is fine as is, im thinking Hannah or Killhare, but out of those three Xman is who I’d do.

Xnolphod seems to be the most versatile so I put my vote on him;

My aethers went to Onyx. I also have Freya but in purple it was a no-brainer for me. I don’t think I’ll limit break Alfrike. I don’t play with her that often and putting such a rare resource on a hero I only use in rush attack, seems a bit too niche right now.


Don’t want to open another thread for this but in you all opinions, who are the most suited 3 and 4* dark for limit breaking?

I’m thinking between RigardC and SabinaC as I use them every war. Some do Ametrine or Proteus, they’re solid choice too imo.


thanks, i can confirm I’ll do rigard and sabina + their costumes.

not sure about rares… maybe Bjorn?

I do not have plan break 3* any time soon but look like he received lot of love. Here the poll results for reference

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thank you so much! 20chars of thank you

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I ‘broke’ tyrum as he’s one of only a handful of 3* dispellers. but I like the tournaments so I’m spreading the aethers on all levels. I haven’t done a 4* yet, but I’ll probably do Rigard, Ametrine… And in a later stage Sabina and Tiburtus

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