Limit Break Blue Poll

  • Passepartout
  • Iris
  • C. Magni
  • Frida
  • Fenrir

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Have C. Richard LB’d from awhile ago.

Few more votes pls thank you

I was choosing between C Magni and Frida, but Frida has more uses.

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That Elemental D is key. I’m with Frida.

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Id wait til next month after season 5 then if nothing better costumed magni

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Agree with waiting.

If you get to a point of being able to LB two before getting a better option then do one of these

Did they forget purple again?

None of the choices. Wait for better hero. You’d want to be able to LB a more powerful, pure offensive hero than what you have now.

Frida…with her family bonus (by herself), she’s over 910 attack with emblems on attack. With two other HOTM from the same year she’s right around 1000 attack power. Limit break her and get her attack to about 1050 BEFORE TROOP BONUS. She’s a beast.


Cause she gets used every war, every red titan and MT, in so many RT attacks and raids.

And EDD will never go out of fashion.


Frida 1000 times over, she makes your other blues shine.