Limit Alliance Creation to Players Above Certain Level (20+, 30+, 40+, 40-60, other ideas)

I may propose the idea of making creating an alliance only available for higher leveled players and for far more gems.


  • we are having too many alliances out there needing members, no need for hundred new ones a week
  • Beginner players create alliances for gems they need otherwise
  • constant recruit ads in PS chats because people are desperate
  • aggressive recruit behaviour

I’m thinking this for a while now, that in my opinion it should be more restricted to create an alliance.

I get that this is a free game and a free market and of cause everyone should feel free to create an alliance at some point. Different reasons out there to do so.

I don’t see any use of low Level like 8,10, even 20 to create an alliance and be leader without any experience of the game and leading an alliance.
Those alliances are doomed. Especially new players need guidance and tips to progress fast and sucessful.

I could say, what’s that got to do with me?

It has, when I get annoyed by low level players posting ads over and over again in PS. It is really a hassle to tell them several times a day that PS is add free. That is getting breached by a lot of players but low levels are upfront.

It has, when I come across tons of lower level players you nearly quit, because they don’t get any good advice while others struggle to find people they can pass on good advice.

It has, when all chats are overflown with merc requests, because specially low level alliances struggle to fight their titans. They often lag of active players, resources, knowledge to fight titans.


Let lower level players find an alliance that suits them and they will have it much easier in the game. It gets them easier into the game and I believe more would stay if they get good advice from the beginning rather than creating an alliance, because it’s cool to have your own alliance.
Also a higher price might held up higher players from opening an alliance too quickly instead of joining other good ones and get happy in the game again.
I also don’t see the point in people to open their 5th training alliance and then struggle to fill them with active players.

Therefore from my experience it would beneficial all if it weren’t so damn easy to create an alliance.

@Petri my proposal :)))

I strongly agree. I would even suggest 30+ level, as this is the moment when you have more experience in the game, like few teams ready for war, and are able to help others.
We have huge problems with recruitment and in the same time, there are plenty of new alliances. I think increasing amount of gems up to 300 would help a little, cause for this amount you can have new hero :slight_smile:

I think they need to find a better way for people to select the range or type of the alliance they want to join more so then restricting new alliances. Better search functions (level 40+, 8-10* titans, 6 leveled war teams, etc.) or beginner, intermediate, and advanced alliances would be great.

The game has an alliance problem, and we all know this. Recruiting has just got worse and worse over time as well. I notice in general chat that there are single digit players creating alliances non-stop, and they bombard the chat channels with recruiting and titan help. I believe that this is just making the ocean of alliances too large.

Eventually over time everything will be so spread out that the average alliance size will shrink to 1-2 players. When I first started most alliances I looked at were on average 20-30 players deep. Now, they are typically 10-15 players.

It’s my opinion that new players should join an already existing alliance until they have reached a certain higher level before creating one. You should have some good knowledge of the game before leading other players, and this will also help shrink the already enormous pool of alliances.

There are already plenty alliances for people to choose from, so there needs to be some kind of cap. Anyways just my idea to help the ever growing issue, take care!

It costs coins to start alliances. NO WAY they are going to turn off a money maker.

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I did not vote as I don’t agree the game has an alliance problem. I’m not finding the rationale for how this alliance problem affects me? Or is it about new players finding an alliance?

I’ve never bothered to use in game chat or think to use that as a means for finding an alliance. There are incentives for being in a larger alliance so I don’t understand why people enjoy their small alliances.

I’d rather see a few other things addressed:

50 measly gems. That’s pretty easy to accumulate through normal play, so I doubt it’s a huge money maker for them.

If they truly wanted to make alliance creation a money maker they would up it to 500-1000 gems. Which honestly wouldn’t be a bad idea either as it will cut down on alliance creation from low levels.


I don’t think the 50 gems is really a material money-maker.

That was actually addressed in an AMA before too:


Perhaps, but knowing how this industry works…they want people to make that first purchase. The first purchase makes the second, third and 50th purchase a lot easier. And for a lot of these customers, that alliance creation might be the first time they open their wallet to find out they’ve spent hundreds of dollars a few months later.

If it requires a cash transaction, empires and puzzle is all over it.

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A level 4 creating an alliance is not a money maker. You receive more than enough gems just from playing the tutorial. And once they’ve created the alliance they have the mindset that leaving it and joining another would be a waste of those gems.

They don’t want people to merc, they want people to be in alliances. People in alliances form relationships and are more likely to spend and stay in the game.

I would think that level 4s creating alliances that no one will join is more likely to lead to frustration and quitting the game before they get hooked so I don’t see why this is such a hard change to make.

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