Like tournaments, can we have 3 different normal raid "levels"?

It seems like quite a few things separate 3, 4, and 5 star heroes in this game (tournaments, event quest). I was thinking it would be great if normal raids could also be separated like this also. Leave the current raid system in place as the 5 star raid arena, but create a 3 and 4 star arena as well. All 3 would have leaderboards that are the same as our current raid system. Your raid energy and hero chest would remain unchanged. Say you wanted to try out some 3 star heroes against other 3 star heroes to better prepare for raid tournaments, this would be your only chance. It would also add more variety to the game which would be entertaining. And you can also shoot for #1 on all 3 leaderboards at once! (I would say that’s almost impossible though)

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