Like playing? Not a big chatter? Look here!

No Talking is a chat optional alliance looking for new members.

  • ALL levels welcome, no pressure to spend.
  • Hit the titan
  • Go to war
  • Have questions or suggetions–share

7 days inactive w/no notice = demote/kick. We currently have 15 spots open, come check us out!

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Keeping the thread open and visible.

14 spots left, casual fun waiting to be had

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13 spots left … all levels welcome

We have an alliance, Psychotic Break, that is now 9 active players down from 23. Had a few long time members retire, several went to another alliance (friends IRL) and about 6 other have just stopped showing up. Looking for somewhere to land.

Members range from level 23 to 80 with war D TP ranging from 4000 to 4600. We coordinate tank colors in war but don’t really have any strategy other than leaving clean ups for younger players and heavy hitters only hitting full teams. We take our hits when we can.

Let me know if an influx of 9 would be ok. That would just about fill you up. We can discuss further if so.

Reply here or I can drop into your alliance. My line ID is pezzly…I think, don’t use it much.

BTW, we are definitely NOT a chatty bunch.

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You and yours would be most welcome. We have a similar war strategy to what you’re used to…details are listed in the leader announcement. Looking forward to meeting/seeing you!

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Will talk with the crew. I will be by Sunday after war at the very least.

Sounds good, best of luck in war

4 spots left, any takers?

Thank you all, we’re full now!

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