Like a raid but

          **MIRROR MATCH!!**

No loot. Just for fun. Computer team would probably need some sort advantage to compensate for lack of strategy. Limit the amount it could be played.

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I like the idea. It is similar to another proposed before: The ability to challenge your own defence team (with whatever attack team you want to assemble).

A mirror match is really just a restricted derivative of that idea, and I prefer the freedom of being able to change my attack team… with no extra ‘boost’ to the AI.

Simple reason: It’s the best way of being able to test your defence team and refine your defence strategy. There’s too many variables just trying it out ‘live’ (such as other players’ levels, the strategies they employ, etc.) and you don’t get to see the matches, so you can’t really tell how your team is doing other than a broad ‘badly’ (which could really just mean you may be quite high in cups for your team strength) or ‘well’.

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