Light of Delos Looking For Newer Players

This is the lower Guild to Light of Crete. LoD or Light of Delos is looking for daily players that are newbies up to under Level 30 to join our way of playing the game, and grow into our upper Guild. We do use Discord to keep up to date on Titans and Wars, as well as having lots of info on how to play the game better.

Ideal are daily cheap-to-play players. While we are not super competitive, i.e. we don’t push to be the best in everything we do, we are serious players, but drama-free. We ask that you hit the Titan every day, participate in Wars but understand if life interferes every once in a while.

There are goals that are set before elevating to LoC, or our upper Guild, Light of Crete. Work towards those goals. We know the game is a marathon, not a sprint. We support each other and help each other. We have a great group of players in both our Guilds, so if you are looking for a home, support from a team, encouragement and helping others then give Light of Delos a try.



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