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good afternoon!!! I would like to know there are lifhaki on the game? (an example of rocking a hero is a single color fodder)

I assume there is a language barrier. What is a Lifhaki? Do you mean trainer heroes?

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tips, secrets !!! a certain place where the camp costs more than a percentage of the hero 5 *

that first and foremost to swing and what game tactics exist for war, titanium, raids

Don’t use all 5 colour heroes at a time for raids and titans.

Titans - use 3 of the strong colour. If its a green titan, take 3 red heroes, blue titan, take 3 green heroes etc.
Get a hero that can drop titans defence (grimm, tiburtus, isarnia, gormek) and one that can raise your heroes attack (boldtusk, lancelot, kiril)
Wu kong is basically a lifehack for titans too.

Raids - take two heroes in the colour that is strongest against the central opponent, they will do 4x usual damage.

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Thanks a lot, good advice !!!

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