Life Has Changed For Me

Hello my community friends.

I was reluctant to create this post but then I realized that would be the exact opposite of who I am.

A couple of days ago I got one of those life-changing calls, you know the kind that you hope you never get.

Sparing all the details to keep this short I was called by a doctor after some various testing and informed that I have cancer.

Did not see that coming at all, in other words it was totally unexpected.

I just wanted to let everybody know that with the mountain that is ahead of me that I will climb to the best of my ability that my frequency here well most likely taper off as I will be involved with the obvious rigors of fighting a different kind of battle.

Just want to thank everybody here for all the time that we have spent together and the cyber camaraderie that has made me laugh, made me think, and generally brightened many of my days.

I would like to think that I am a friend to many of you even though I have never met you.

I have never really been associated with an online forum and I am glad that this one is the one I stumbled into.

So in closing I will think of all of you often and wish the best for each and everyone of you in life and of course in this crazy game.

I am going to try to stay in my alliance as long as I don’t drag them down and if the opportunity arises contribute when I can.

Love life, cherish family and friends, and make the best of every moment because at the end of the day that’s all we have. :pirate_flag::heart::crocodile:

Thanks everybody for being so kind to me in my time here. This guy really appreciates that.
Thank you for taking me in and treating me so well. You are most certainly a kind soul. :heart:

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I’ve said this elsewhere, but I’ll say it again here too — you’ll never drag us down. Do what works for you, let it be a fun escape or serious support whenever you need. You’re a Pirate always, and we’ve got a barrel of rum for you ready at all times. :heart:

We’re with you however we can help, you know where to find us. :pirate_flag:


I don’t know you, and you don’t know me but I wish you all the best and hope for a speedy recovery.


Dude. The big C. fight it knowing we’re all on your side.


I’m not sure if this is the first time I read a message from you and I definetely can do nothing to help.

But anyways I’m sending my best support and whises for you. I hope you can be victorious in this one.


So sorry to hear you’ll be doing battle in your real life. You’ve always been very supportive of me and other members here on the the forum. Please give us the chance to now be supportive of you.

Many of us have faced the same issue, with ourselves or family members and friends. You don’t ever need to feel that you can’t share your anger, your sadness, your hopes, your despair, your fears, your optimism … all the emotions that you will be experiencing over the course of your treatment.

I wish you all the best and know you will find the inner strength to deal with everything that gets thrown at you. You are a warrior!


I am so sorry that this has happened to you. If you ever feel like talking, we are all here to listen to you in the forum. We all care about you and we are with you every step of the way.
I am sure with all the help, support and love around you, that you will be fine. Don’t worry…
My advice would be for you to continue with friendships and activities that bring you joy, they are a great way to further the healing process.
Take care my friend. Chin up


I am really sorry to hear about this, my dear pirate friend. You are definitely one of the good ones, and I have always looked up to you as a kind and endearing person, even though I have never met you in real life.

But, I want to shower you with all the positivity, prayers and loads of best wishes from my side hoping that it will make your climb a little bit easier. Please do not ever hesitate to reach out and talk about it if you ever need our support. I am sure your friends and family will give their 100% support, but also remember that you have an online family too who will keep you in their thoughts and prayers. :hugs:


I’m sorry to hear the news, and I hope I’m not sowing false hope, but the reality is that treatments for cancer have been revolutionized in the past two decades, and what once was a 1-5 year road of pain with only one end, is now commonly a 6 month road of unpleasantness followed by recovery. I don’t know you and cannot pretend to know your situation, but I do know that hope and a positive attitude can help, and so can the support of a community. We are all here for you and will help how we can.

Best of luck!


You SOB, I’m gonna book that ticket to slap this mentality out of you just as I threatened in Line & in Game.
You know where I stand, how available I am for the highs & lows you’ll face and the dear friend & trusted alliance leader that you are.

I am glad you made this post because people like you & me don’t fade/disappear when life punches us in the face, but rather show life you’re gonna punch back with an entire international community behind you.

Love you dearly old man!


@anc1ent1, you’re such a gentleman, what appalling news.

We’re with you every step of the way through the wonders of cyberspace and will be thinking of you and praying, each in our own way.

Keep us posted, when you’re able :slightly_smiling_face:


Good wishes and prayers to you in your fight. Take it easy and focus on your recovery, and keep us updated when possible :slight_smile:


This is touching! Man, I 'll do what I know best at such challenging time , pray for you to overcome and I pray you will.


:sob: literally as I read your post

A burden shared, is a burden halved. Just know from my corner of the globe I’m sending prayers, bestest wishes and lots of positivity for you and your loved ones especially, for this new challenge before you :mountain:.

I enjoy reading your posts and I’ll be following any updates when you can - take care :revolving_hearts:


Man. I just saw this in my notifications. Reminds me of @Jedon and the battle he is fighting. Never give up @anc1ent1. I may not have known you too much, but i liked you, and still do. I will pray for you.

This reminds me of a song. Live like you were dying by Tim McGraw


anc1ent1, I just stumbled over your post and just want to say that your post tells me you are one of the good guys. I hope you recover from this and we’ll get another message from you in 6 months or so that just says 'the biggest battle won.


I am overwhelmed with all the kind and encouraging comments from everyone above.
Thank you from the bottom of my

After spending the The day talking to doctors ,insurance, And other logistical things the decision has been made to go for a transplant versus surgery to remove the cancer.

The consensus is that if the surgery removed the cancer, that there are other suspicious areas that could turn cancerous thus the best thing to do would be to try to get a new liver.

I am fortunate to have one of the countries better transplant specialist.

Of course there are all sorts of things I have to do before I could even get approved for this all to happen but I’m trying to take it a day at a time.

I’d be a liar if I said at times I am so overwhelmed I can’t breathe.

I will try to keep everybody informed as to what is going on when I get a chance to.
Obviously all of this is something that I have never encountered so every day will be something new.

That’s all I know for now so I guess I’ll talk to everybody later.

Live Free and Love Hard my friends!


Thanks for the song. :heart:
Have not cried for a few hours so it was about time for a washout :rofl:

I hope that I am not the only one who has tried to live life to the very fullest.
Take care You kind hearted Soul!


@anc1ent1. As a non-medical person, the transplant option sounds very promising. If I’ve learned anything from watching TV (which is highly dramatized so I don’t really trust my source), transplants are not something they offer terminal patients. The fact that that was offered sounds very good. Intense and scary but very good none the less.

Feel free to come here as much or as little as you can and want. You have a place here. Get well soon!


I wish you a longer and happy life. May the Rigards, Vivicas, Melendors etc etc. in real life aid you in your recovery. Have a blessed one!


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