Life as a new FTP player in today's E&P

Total up the winning warbands. Multiply by 2 to get total number of participating warbands.

Multiply by 100 (estimate that all warbands are filled to capacity)

I have the max possible headcount:

Nov 22 = 929,400

Sept 22 = 957,400

July 22 = 986,400

May 22 = 1044,200


Ah, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you @BlackZed .


Thanks! It is a difficult event to do with the shallow roster, but it is most definitely “fair” as everyone you compete against is more or less at the same level as you


Got top 5% in the 5* raid tourney today. Bought back in to get a 19/25 attack record and a 5/8 defense record. Worth it to me because 50 emblems is very useful, plus 2 3* aethers, 1 4* and 1 5* aether.

I am mainly using my gems for tournies and speeding up raid chests, and it seems (at least at the moment) more value than trying for pulls with the same gems.


Nice work! I’m new here and started out as F2P…

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I just wonder… Why starting another account here and not in other game to get the perspective of how other developers treat their players

You already know what happen in your account and how it’ll develop, where is the interest?
I did it myself but I realized that it’s more annoying than playing with my main account
After I got Noor as a HoTM I stopped playing (some time already passed)
On the other hand played other games and got perspective of the things here

As you can see I’m still here… Playing but other games are more attractive and worth more of my time than this swamp

I have played many other games in my time. Some match-3, many others of many other genres. There is not one game that has managed to keep my interest past a year, let alone 4-5. There is a lot of strategy that is found in this game that is not found in many other games, which many will discount and say that it is a simple match 3 game or that boards determine all. But it is there. And the mechanics are very, very well balanced (not saying that the heroes are, that is a different topic).

I started the FTP account partly as a challenge and partly to see how things are for a FTP in this day and age of the game (there are many, many opinions on it but very few that come from actual experience). I was fearful that it would be a painful grindy experiene, given how much I hate the PVE content of my main account. To my great surprise I have found I enjoy the game a lot more on this account, including the grindy stuff (at least so far). There is a genuine challenge in passing some of the PVE content with whatever limited roster you have (and I am pushing to do things as quickly as possible, which adds another layer of challenge). And the way your teams and playing experience are shaped by the various pulls and loot you get is a unique experience for everyone and it adds to the enjoyment of the game.

I may get to some stage where I become frustrated with the limitations/grind/whatever of a FTP account but I do not see that in the forseeable future. For the moment I barely touch my main account in favour of advancing this account.


Defeated atlantis regular today using my 3* team with minor healing regular mana arrows and 5 harpoons. Was tougher than expected and i forgot that ursena comes back as a titan with 50k hp. But with some luck i was able to beat her on try 1.

The atlantis coins yielded colen and my first semi premium pull of c gad. C gad im excited about because an overhealer is a great boost to pve firepower.

9 etts stocked up hopefully ill get my first 4* troop tomorrow


Good luck in the troop portals! Nice progression :sparkles:


I had some recent luck in pulls as F2P - got Ana-Belle and cFrank, then Isarnia (TC20), Zila Lei, Tethys (first ever portal 5*), and today Dante. Also landed my first blue 4* mana troop and my 2nd yellow cyclops troop. Got a lot of work to do getting heroes up (especially all the new blue ones), but still enjoying things at my level. Good luck to all the other F2P!


I really enjoy ana-belle on the offense. She saved me a lot of times.

2 month snapshot.


  • Morlovia fully completed
  • Quest events can be fully completed
  • Challenge events can be completed rare and epic stages
  • S1 and S2 completed on regular
  • S3 and S4 in progress
  • Most raid tourneys I am landing between top 10% and top 25% but I did have a top 5% finish. Next 3* tourney I’ll aim for top 1%.
  • Very lucky in terms of getting a good PVE team - C Gunnar, Kailani, Sally, C Gaiderus, Brienne
  • Less lucky in terms of getting a good PVP team, but still doing ok with this team -
    Tiburtus, Kailani, Bane, C Gad, Sally (mid gold tier). Will be swapping out either Kailani or Bane with Waqas when complete. Got within striking distance of platinum but my 3200 TP team struggles against all the teams at that level (90%>4K TP).
  • Less lucky in getting troops - no 4* troop yet
  • 1st spot in last W3K
  • 26/100 for fated summon
  • I think I have been super lucky with 4* mats, especially from mystic vision. Something like 4 or 5 from MV in the 2 months.

The roster is slowly filling up and my first overheal in C Gad (my best pull to date) was a huge boost so looking forward to seeing how far I can go in the harder PVE events coming up. Plus dragon attacks are only a few days away from being accessible so that will be a big help against the harder boss levels.


I really enjoy reading this
Thank you and keep up the updates

Makes me smile :blush: Horghall and Obakan…the useless ones always come first… of course, ascending them would hurt on the long run. Even if an act of God gets you Obi’s second costume, by the time he’ll be LB 80+20, he’ll be absolete, along with all of today’s heroes… getting ascension mats seems to be easier today than four years ago… perhaps, making abstraction of pvp, you might enjoy this… if you enjoy maps and repeating quests, that is… for me it all comes down to pvp, i’m not even done with S4 normal, and I’m not sure I ever will, so I’m would definitely be unhappy with the state of things if I were in your shoes. It all comes down to 5* pvp for me, always has. There is undeniable progress though, keep at it! As for troops, not getting 4* troops as f2p is the normal state of things. I would have been amazed if you got more than one or two, so far.

Thanks! I was considering dialling back the updates, thinking it wasnt too interesting for most people. Ill continue for now.

Minor update - onto s5 now. It opens up at only province 5 of s4. Well worth getting here to give access to dunes coins as s5 3* and 4*s are some of the best in the game


Congratulations on an 11* titan!

Yes I am unlikely to ever level mine. All manner of 3* and 4*s will have priority over them.

Yes I believe so, not least because of MV but there are multiple other sources too.

I don’t, I barely did it on my main account. But it is a bit better on my alt as I actually find it challenging, and I can feel the progress my heroes are making. It is essential to do in order to improve my roster anyway so it must be done.

I enjoy the PVP aspect of the game as well, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be 5*. I am enjoying 3s more than ever now (apart from Tree on my main account, who got a ridiculous amount of usage vs all sorts of 5 opponents).

It took me months to get my first 4* on my main account, and although I paid for pulls for heroes I never paid for any pulls for troops. So I know and understanding the rarity.
It is just a bit disappointing to not hit the 15% chance of a 4* in a tower event, especially when most of the defenses I am facing have 4* troops.

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Thanks! But I can’t take much credit, most of my titan hits are still pretty weak. My alliance is pretty well connected and when we don’t have enough big hitters we often get mercs swinging by to help us finish titans, although we have let a fair number go recently too. But either way (so far) I haven’t scored much good loot from titans. Most of my good loot comes from MV and various events.


Titan loot is arbitrary. I have seen a SS of a D Blade from Grade D on a 14* titan.

Never thought that was possible. Thought minimum of Grade C was required. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Then I scored a D Blade or Tome (can’t remember now) from a 4* kill. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Hope you receive pleasant surprises from your titan loot.