Life as a new FTP player in today's E&P

you are very brave :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for sharing your experiences, will be interesting to see how your account grows

At one time, I was a co-leader in a mostly FTP alliance. We would get relatively higher level new members that would not know about color stacking, firing sequences of heroes, targeting a special at a specific target, strong/weak colors, etc. Having a FTP account and experiencing the game as FTP are not the same thing.

There are different paths that people follow in this game, it’s important to remember that your path is unique to you.

Now concerning this thread. If an experienced player starts a FTP account, joins friends in an alliance chaining 14*s as a low-level FTP, then I will have zero interest in the topic.


Out of respect to everyone and this thread, let’s just say I am the ■■■■■■■ for the day. Just disregard everything I said, today is my heated day in the forums


I’ll follow the journey as well. Hopefully you have the same utterly lousy summons luck that most F2P have. Not trying to be spiteful, but this thread loses all interest when you magically pull a ton of meta 5*, which s NOT the norm for a free account.

Until I found this forum I simply tried to overwhelm my opponents. I had no clue about a number of things in the game. Just one example is getting double mana whenever my tiles hit nothing. I never noticed it before, but now I know it becomes a strategy. If the alliance you’re in is more concerned about people’s health problems and not focussed at all about strategy you only learn by making errors, such as feeding Wu Kong to level up Justice, or feeding Boldtusk to level Azlar. But this forum is gold.


Umm, understandable. That’s how we all learn. Hope that you’re in a better guild now that can share strategies with each other


Let us know how you progress! I kept a secondary FTP account for a year and a half. Got one Hotm (Glenda, um, whoohoo?) and I think it was one 5 star non S1 hero in that time and just one day went ‘what a waste of my time’ and logged out and never went back. I have stuck to my main. (Now FTP, but P2W for a couple of years so I got a decent roster back then).


One last comment. My main is whatbyou woukd call ptw (i think). What i find is all the complaints revolve around people who join alliances, raid or war. In my first 3 years i did none of those.

When titans first appeared everyone coukd hit without being in an alliance. I ignored all this until i joined an alliance for the first time in 2020 and you can guess why. Having a bit more time on my hands i gve it go.

Met some nice people and met some lunatics but learned a lot and have my own alliance now. But i did not care about all these issues until then.

Perhaps thats a lesson learned.

End of day 1

Troops: 3* yeĺlow, 2* yellow, 2* red

Notables: eht

Gem accumulation: 123 (mainly from early missions)

Im surprised how much fun im actually having doing this (bar the waiting for energy to recharge). I am even looking forward to the world stages, as each one is literally life or death at the moment and each victory provides critical resources for progression.

Will update progresd at 1 week, then at 1 month


I can’t undo my experience, but I certainly have no intention to join an alliance held up by anyone I know, including my original account. I will join an alliance of a suitable level when I feel I can contribute to it.


I’m finding that because i do have knowledge and experience I do have to apply some strategy to this. Namely this is because I don’t want to waste resources on 2* heroes because I know they have no shelf life, but at some point (probably) I will need to decide that I just can’t progress without sacrificing some resources to level them up at least a little bit. It is really because i want to optimise my journey that this comes into play otherwise it wouldn’t matter so much.

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Did you use an invitation from your main sccount?
Gives you10 days free vip pass, 2nd builder and enough gems for a pull.
Happy gaming

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In other games I have played over the years, I have gotten bored and restarted since progress tends to be faster at the beginning. E&P does not fall into that category in my mind-I can’t see myself ever restarting this game. I’ve been F2P since day 1 (about 3 1/2 years ago), and repeating the slow grind has no appeal to me! I hope this is a fun project for you though!


So far yes (only 1 day in though!!!). I am finding the lure to progress, to build up an actual team rather than feeder fill-ins, keeps me motivated and wanting to come back for more. I have found that I really don’t have much to do on my main account other than levelling up one hero and raid so at the moment it is not appealing in comparison. Most raids even at the top meta defense level are a high chance of winning so there is also not much thrill or challenge.


@Homaclese maybe at some point down the road, note the things you’ve done that have increased efficiency and helped optimize your progress. I believe it would be very beneficial to those starting out to not waste time/resources as many have and will do. But looking forward to the updates of your E&P early days redux.


Best of luck on your journey. I started my own F2P 2nd account on 3.2.21 and it’s rather fun. First week(s) or so was painful as you couldn’t autoplay the maps, but when you got a couple of 3*'s things started to get much easier. Being in an alliance who kills 7*+ titans also helps a lot even though you don’t do much of damage, the loot is still way better than lower level titans. I remember having constant shortage of trap tools and compasses on my main when I started, the F2P account never had that issue.


Minor update. Created my own alliance to see how i go with a baby titan and wars. Have to wait until level 12 for wars but managed to take down my first titan with this team (no item use) getting these rewards. The 2* trainer was a nice boost

Took 11 hits so was lucky i had a few level ups and also that it was purple. Unlikely to have taken it down otherwise


If you are lvl29 and f2p don’t waste now your resources on 4/5* Heroes. You need to max (and then emblem and LB) as mamy 3* as you can. 3* team is enough to finish rare quest to give you asc mats and it will allow you to participate im CF to get better Heroes and again mats.
No point in ascending 5* Heroes before you will be able to build war teams for this level (ie. 30+ 4* and 5* Heroes), and that will take you probably few more months.


In these days, SG keeps on power creeping, adding new heroes/ events. The stats keep on getting better.

From my own experience I’d say you need to level/max one 2* hero per color, maybe even two except for colors where you get a 3* hero very early.
Escpecially Sha-Ji is a must-have unless you get very lucky and pull a 3* or better healer early.

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