Life as a new FTP player in today's E&P

Look on the bright side…, they may drop from Zynga heaven.

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Biggest scalp to date in terms of hero difficulty. The tiles had to fall a very specific way for me to pull this off, but ill take it

Side note - erleng sheng(?) Having his attack down overeritten by c c vivs attack down for massive damage is one crazy skill. The synergies you could have in offense!


Dude, that was an exceptional victory. Vivica is really helping you get better so quickly. And with her healing and bonecrusher killing off weakened enemies, the sky’s the limit!

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I can’t understate how valuable C Ameonna is, especially as most of my other heroes are average or slow. Having that fast healing/defense up (and quite often complete special cancellation) support is critical to winning a lot of the time

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I really want to send a shout out to my daily raid team. Its almost like magic how you start with literally with nothing and through a fusion of hard work and fate a team of heroes bands together to join you in your journey. If I had closed my eyes 6 months ago and tried to imagine what team I would have I am certain I would not have come anywhere close to the reality.

Now this team is rather far from the much vaunted 7-tile kill team. Without actually counting I would probably say they are closer to a 100-tile kill team… but what they lack in speed they more than make up with pluck. And they work remarkably well together… the little ghost that protects the group from swords and arrows. The wizard that neutralises the most devastating magical attacks or stops the enemy from healing and recovering. The healer who weakens the enemy and pierces through their fortifying magics. The alchemist that slows weakens and poisons all of the enemy and the ape warrior that brings them down one at a time. Just really good synergy, but not thoughtless synergy. At each step of the way the right choosing the right special in the right sequence and targetting the right enemy is critical. And that is what makes this team so fun.

And best of all most of them have a long way to go before reaching their full potential, even if I don’t ever get a good hero to replace them (well, Lord Loki is coming soonish so there will be some shuffling happening. But don’t tell them). C C Viv can have her primary form maxed, emblemed and LB1 and LB2d. Bonecrusher has half emblemes, LB1 and LB2 to go. C Ameonna can be LB1d and LB2d. Peppermint has half emblemes, LB1 and LB2 available. Merlin sadly only has LB2 as an option, so he is somewhat of the weakest link… but still crucial to the team’s survival.

When these guys work well together no enemy can survive their their infamous 100 tile attack


For those that constantly complain that it’s not possible to earn gold tokens from challenge events as a F2P - here is some info from my own F2P secondary main, day 122 of creation, current challenge event stats:

And here is my current roster (because someone may say yeah but you had great luck with OP heroes to achieve it). Not quite:

I could improve my scores even more but decided against it - I’d rather stay on the very edge of where I want to be (top 10k rare 5k epic and 10k legendary) and farm Challenge Coins and experience on rare 2 until the event ends, rather than force the impossible with all my flasks and items.

I used zero Red flasks, but all of my free energy on this challenge event’s stages, be it Rare 2 for filling monster chest or farming, or other stages on all dificulty tiers in hopes of staying within the needed range.

Needless to say, the EHTs got me absolutely nothing from the Seasonal event portal but a 3* red wabbit who is almost useless nowadays. But already earned 26 ETT which will be spent on next Tower event (yeah, even Ninja, Ninja troops great for a beginner F2P).