Life as a new FTP player in today's E&P

So I have heard so many people say how hard they think it would be to start off the game as a FTP in today’s game. Possibly it is… and possibly it isn’t. Either way, challenge accepted.

Yesterday I started a new account that will be 100% FTP for its lifetime. Which could be years, or could be days if I get bored/disheartened. Either way, challenge accepted for the moment!

There do seem to be some changes that I can see already from when I first started playing. For one thing there is a new player quest available that is done in a challenge event style, and after you get through it you get an ETT and EHT. There is also a starter pass which is similar to a valour pass.

Won 2 of my first 12 raids playing a mono yellow team (unlevelled bane, 1* trainer troops, unlevelled 2* and 2 unlevelled 1s). But slowly getting into it and feeling good after acquiring my first 3 troop! And 4 of the last 5 have been wins with me getting accustomed to the heroes, slowly levelling up bane and also recognising which defenses I am able to tackle.

Will relay my experiences as they come…


update ur roster once in a while so we can see the progress


Will do!

I’ve literally summoned nothing other than 1* heroes and 1* troops so far, other than the troop the ETT got me. Getting the first team of all 3*s is going to feel amazing…


You beat me to it! I was going to try that when I upgrade one of my devices later this year.

Looking forward to your tales.


you need to at least give ur 1st starting roster screenshot even they are just awful 2* heroes, after that u can update along the progress


I’m interested to hear how the journey goes. I do expect the journey will be easier than when I started a while ago. The influx of content, free loot, emblems and aethers will make your teams much better than I had access to when I started.


You also have a knowledge that a true n00b wouldn’t have… as in… you know what NOT to waste your time/resources on… how troops are important, what building to concentrate your efforts on…even where to seek information from…etc…
Man if I knew then what I know now!!!
I will follow your journey …best of luck!


All true; but still, even with all that knowledge, it would take a good couple of years (at least, imho) to get much traction and assemble a decent squad. Best of luck and much respect to you @Homaclese because as an FTP who has been grinding since day 1, there is no way I would want to start over!!


This. It would take too long to get at a decent level once more.


Interesting thread, would keep a look out for this


I have been playing a FTP for around a year now and it is very hard even though I am up to Level 29 now.

Only got one 5 star hero (Santana) and stuck on level 4 ascension. You will find it hard to complete event quests until your team gets to at least 2500 TP. You cannot rely on battle items since you cannot make that many without the mats.

Any titan over 3 stars will probably trash you before time is up. Raids are raids so no real change there but summons are the big issue. Gems take forever to get and at 300 gems a pop, one summons every two or three months will net you many 3 star heroes, a few four star and no 5 star.

Play in an alliance to get some benefit from titan kills but get used to dying fast.

When I started playing 5 years ago it was much easier and more rewarding but I have enjoyed playing a different strategy with the FTP character.

Love to know how you go with it.


Good luck on your journey, hopefully you’re doing this for a chance to gain a new perspective.


I started as strictly FTP because I forgot my Apple password. It took over three years to get even remotely competitive and despite spending small amounts now (I ultimately fixed my password issue) I am still relatively uncompetitive despite being at level 63. I made heaps of mistakes, churned heroes I probably should not have, and ascended heroes I probably should not have. I have been in two alliances and have learned nothing from either and it was not until I discovered this forum that I started to learn basic strategy. Good luck to you, but at least you have a much better grasp of the game than a genuine newbie.


How did you play until level 63 and not know how to strategize? What roster do you have?

If you dont have a good alliance and don’t search the net, E+P doesnt have any good in game advice.
Im level 61 and only starting to get a good grasp of it.

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I’ll bite. :laughing:

I tried this experiment a couple of years ago, and the results are quite stark in contrast, though it does depend on how one started playing. The key difference is the knowledge I was bringing into a new account.

Like a new game plus, or even another run through an RPG, I found I knew what to expect and how to optimise my roster immediately. At this point in time, while my experimental account isn’t as expansive as my original I would argue it is perhaps arguably stronger in a few aspects as a result.

I also knew which building upgrades to prioritise as well, which helps with speed of progression. And related to progression, I’m not as fussed with story map progression as much, but joined an active alliance as soon as I could. (I do find this a recurring theme for game progression across a variety of titles now, not just E&P.) I didn’t join an alliance until I was ready to quit the game! :laughing:

Troop leveling is also something where I’ve taken a more methodical approach. Whereas my original is haphazard with levels all over the place. The methodical approach means a more steady leveling experience for me.

Anecdotally, my experimental account is luckier with pulls and HA10 retraining. This luck also contributes to the roster being a bit stronger as there are more complementary heroes, and more HOTM through normal pulls.

Related to pulls, one main difference is the relative lack of opportunity to pull specific heroes due to the subsequent seasons, events, etc. as the hero pool has been significantly diluted.

I noticed my playstyle differs as well due to the differences in roster strength and depth. Raid for raid, though I would need to record my results, I think my experimental account has a definitive raid team with a higher win average. With my original account I need to optimise the team for the opponent to stand a chance.

Still, it’ll be interesting to read how your experience with this will differ to my own.


What type of strategy do you need to grind stages, accumulate the XP coming with it and thus inevitably raise in levels? I don’t think that’s unusual.

I mean strategies for the raid scene

Yes, but you don’t need to do (or even win) raids to get to player level 60 or whatever. You only need XP you can get from grinding stages. So there’s no need to strategize based on your roster to reach a high level. That’s what I meant.

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I mean we’re all speculating right now. I refuse to believe anyone would just play farming until level 60+ and not form any strats in this game. Even no strats is a strat. That’s why I asked for the roster as well