Life After Bronze & Freeloaders

Have you reached a point where you’re tired of being in an alliance where players opt in on wars & don’t use their flags? Tired of titans escaping, because alliance members use their world energy, but not their titan energy? Tired of hopping from alliance to alliance hoping to find the perfect one?

GREAT! That’s the same place I found myself in a couple days ago. Thus, myself & another dedicated daily player formed our own alliance, “Athena’s Shield.”

We’re looking for more SILVER+ players who exhaust their titan energy & can’t wait for war. If you’re not at the silver level yet, that’s okay. All we care is that you play daily & are committed to reaching that level.

In addition to our alliance we have a LINE group for players to post links, materials, & other resources for everyone to improve.

Come check out our alliance, “Athena’s Shield!” Our alliance is “Invite Only” to deter freeloaders from reaping the rewards or loot from other alliance member’s hard work.

Apply, chat & give us a try. We’re eager to grow & be a force to be reckoned with! Plus, we’re friendly so that’s nice.

we do have a trophy limit, but please find us on line chat or reply here and we will open the limit for you if you are a dedicated player.