Liberated Conquest - A Place To Grow

We are a small alliance of only 6 members (2 double account holders).
We have a 200 trophy limit.
Invite Only but Open while recruiting: To prevent in & out players from leaving their Ex-member war defense team on the battlefield.
Titan Attacks are mandatory along with the use of all titan flags, please. At the moment we are bobbing back & forth with 4* to 5* titans. The titan ranks will improve as more players join.
War is mandatory but new players can sit out while they gain experience levels to able participation, level heroes, and practice raiding to gain confidence. If you know you will be absent for an upcoming war. Please notify, and if able remove your team from the battlefield.
We are friendly, casual, and welcome all player levels. If you questions just ask and you will surly be answered. I have also created a Facebook group page to assist with keeping members informed and up to date.
Ideas are always welcomed especially war strategy.
All I ask is that you respect your fellow teammates. Be patient, I’m still learning and growing too. But most important, Have Fun.

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