Liberate the recruits held hostage in T13?

So I’ve been putting recruits into the T13 for a while as a way of hoarding food as I’ve had food issues in the past and thought I might face them in the near future. Now it would appear that it’s just not going to happen. I’ve 9,275,000 food bits stored and I’m all out of troops to eat and hero ascensions are done using the every-day food income.

In other words: I’ve made a mistake :scream_cat:

Now the problem is that far as I know, taught by experience (ouchie), I can’t remove the recruits from there if I don’t have a way to accommodate all of the food as well which is a little silly :smiley: Is there a way I could do it somehow? Some mysterious food dump? Some trick? I think at this point it’d be better to just use these recruits on the fast training.

You could craft things to spend food or you could roll raids to dump food


■■■■ son, how did I not think of it? What the hell. Old age or what :scream_cat:

1457 mini healing potions here I come.


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