Lianna will not Special Level Up

anyone having this issue…i just can’t get Lianna to Special Level Up. i’ve had several chances at 40+% chance to level up her special and nothing. i cant be that unlucky. i found it to only level up when she was able to ascend.

Yes,unlucky…till you get her to 3/70 she will be max out if not even before…

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Indeed, just bad luck. And not that shockingly bad too, missing 4 times in a row at 40% chance still has a 13% probability of happening. Which, when compared to an occurence of potentially dozens of heroes per players, can literally happen to anyone.

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I have a Vivica like that. She only moved to 2/8 when I ascended her. It was very frustrating, but she’s now sitting at 3-70 8/8 waiting on a couple darts :laughing: Lianna will get there… some a just stubborn…

PS - Moving this to the General category since this is a frustration and not a bug :wink:


Thank you. it was just strange to me as i didn’t experience this at all with any of my other heroes.

It totally happens. I think we’ve all got scare stories about the special that just didn’t want to increase. Currently, Triton is playing the same game with me. For all my 4* and up, though, they always get moving and max eventually.

Good luck, and I hope that special starts increasing soon!

Instead of saying things like 20% chance to level special, 40% chance to level special…

…maybe if it said 80% chance to NOT level special or 60% chance to NOT level special…

My Zimkitha was 4/8 in 3T (so only one skill came from feeding). I only fed her on-color feeders ten at a time. No 3* 4* or 5* feeders, and no trainer heroes. It was a nightmare. Then, all of a sudden she got a skill here, a skill there, and now she’s 8/8 at 3/50.

With 5*, I wouldn’t even sweat it. I’ve never heard of a 5* not being 8/8 by 3/70. Although, I was totally worried I was gonna experience that myself… but I didn’t.

5* take forever, so chances are Lianna will be 8/8 at 3/70. Probably not by 2/60 though, and that part does suck a little [when it happens], but 3* mats aren’t too terrible to come by. Unfortunately, some heroes are more finicky than others; as long as you plan on taking them to at least 3/70, then I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It’ll happen :blush:

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My worst was Guardian Panther at 5/8 and 3/40, he made it before 3/70 though, not to worry on 5*. And you will get her there for sure with the max % increase, just odd bad luck every once in awhile.

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