Lianna vs. Atomos - existential dread

I come to you dear board members, with my hat in my hand, begging for your help. My option paralysis has become so bad it’s morphed into existential dread that I’ll make the wrong decision. Internal talk never does any good in situations like this so I turn to you for discourse.

Green has forever been my weakest color, 20+ months into playing, I spend willy nilly when my eBay has a windfall and this is it for my green roster.

Here’s my thoughts… Peters in the corner will dodge once emblemed more, so healing doesn’t take precedence on him - that’s his spot and he ain’t moving. Atomos will self-rez so who cares about healing him. Lianna has a costume carrot dangling out there (I put no stock into getting this however) and has the ability to one shot when needed.

Are there synergies I’m not seeing? Should the tonics actually be used on (gasp!!) Kadilen instead (now thats a costume I would love to have)? For what it’s worth, this is for a war attack team only. I attack mono in war because I’m an overanalytical turtle when it comes to playing the tiles for those 12 attacks per week.

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Given that you have three heroes who heal on your mono team, I’d say that Atomos healing himself is not needed. Also, this team would rely only on tile damage.

Lianna is the better choice, in my opinion. She is one of the best snipers in the game and will work well with Peters (if she doesn’t kill a hero, Peters can finish them off).

P.S. I really like your writing style.

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There’s actually an interesting synergy you can pull between Peters and Atomos, if you like playing a setting up game.

Because Peters is a silencer and not a mana blocker or cutter, you can use him to hold an opponent up to max mana - setting Atomos up to inflict max damage on that particular target… And because Peters is fast, he’ll get there first while you’re still charging Atomos.


Honestly though… Either way your green lineup is lacking a real sting right now, so whether sniper or AoE fits best kinda depends on what you like better - Atomos will do more total damage, but Lianna will be far more likely to finish off a particular target.


How do you like to play?

You’re probably going to do both of these guys eventually anyway, so I wouldn’t worry so much about which ends up going first.


Since I got Wu Kong at an early start to my career, followed by Tarlak a few months later (and Guardian Gazelle the day she was released) I’ve crafted a style of play that focuses on slowing down the opponent to doing only slash damage (if I can help it) while using massive tile damage to kill the enemies. It’s made me focus on board manipulation so much.

I love the path you took to get to Peters silence and Atomos max damage, but that’s a dangerous game to play. I would need one more match after charging Peters to make it work and then heaven forbid the enemy with the most mana is the one I fear the least - what a waste!

Buddy will never get emblems. His DEF stat is legit as is, his -DEF buff and minion spam more than make up for his paltry ATK stat. Besides, I have a Seshat and Red Hood that take priority over those ranger emblems as it is. Buddy is blue titan only or second war flag on another blue tank.

I like the idea that both Peters and Lianna charge at the same time, rendering one hero dead, or at the very least, completely useless. In my heart of hearts I was leaning that way to begin with.

I would love to do both of these heroes but after A/A+ on every titan, completing every chest and quest imaginable, and watching countless mystic visions, I’ve only been able to average 1 tonic a month. In 6 months I may have a MN or Heimdall or Ratatoskr (is there a fingers crossed emoji?) and then what? Another crisis and another opinion thread I suppose…

Thanks for all the responses so far! Love this community, warts and all.


Three healers on a team is more than I’d take in. So if it was me, I’d add both Lianna and Atomos. Probably in that order.

Who do you have more emblems for? That may help drive it.

guys, this thread is 1,5 years old ^^

OP most likely chose his fav already xD

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